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Inside The StableCoin Focused Blockchain Laboratory — Brought To You By: Platinum, Q DAO Engineering

What is USDQ? What is Q DAO?

Background for Q DAO coin

Underlying smart contracts: Collateralized Debt Contracts (CDCs)

CDCs: Operating Procedure

Collateral Types for USDQ: Single Collateral vs Multiple Collateral

Price Stabilization Methods

  1. Determination of the proportion between the collateral input into the CDC and loan extended to the user,
  2. Calculation of the value that the collateralized Bitcoin has, whenever the Global Resolution occurs. Initially, the Target Price is identified in USD and the denomination is 1 USD, i.e. 1 USDQ is pegged to 1 USD.

Global Resolution: Stage by Stage Sequence

Risk Management Policies at USDQ Platform

Basic Introduction to Q DAO and USDQ Ecosystem

  • 1 USDQ is pegged 1 USD (i.e. it equals 1 USD)
  • The ecosystem enables to maintain 1 USDQ equal to 1 USD throughout the system of smart contracts, managing collateralized assets and price dynamics. Holders of Q DAO (an internal governance token) vote on major proposals, helping to improve the ecosystem with time.
  • Q DAO holders are one of the last lines of defense — they are to buy USDQ in case of major price swings.
  • The system is enabled by smart contracts, pieces of code running fully autonomously on blockchain.
  • Procedure for Global Resolution is used as a final line of defense.
  • Stablecoins are a missing link, vitally needed to bring mass adoption of distributed ledger technology (blockchain).
  • USDQ ecosystem can also be used for marginal trading, which is a highly sought-after function among the crypto community.




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