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Official Announcement on Platinum Q DAO Engineering and Noah Foundation Projects

Platinum Q DAO Engineering has received requests regarding the ownership of projects under development. Here is the official response of the company, designed to clarify the current situation around the products developed for the Noah Foundation.

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is the main software developer of all Noah Foundation projects: BTCNEXT Project, Noah Blockchain, QDAO DeFi, the Noah Project and Noah City. An official contract to develop products owned by the Noah Foundation was signed by Platinum Q DAO Engineering for a three-year duration.

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is still developing all the projects but the latest events should be taken into account. Noah Foundation has stopped responding to questions as well as ceasing all communications following Platinum Q DAO Engineering’s signing of the contract for product development.

The Platinum Team sees this as a reluctance to work, collaborate or to take responsibility for the well-being of the community regarding their projects. The management of Platinum Q DAO Engineering regards these actions as a betrayal to the interests of the community and has already broken all official relations with the Noah Foundation. But the projects’ community should not worry — we have decided to take care of the Noah community’s destiny.

The Noah Ecosystem’s destiny has already been decided. The Platinum Company hopes for the project’s fastest completion and will continue the development and support of the community, whatever the outcome may be.

At the moment, new products incurring costs, service improvements, and the development and maintenance of the exchange are entirely paid for by Platinum QDAO Engineering. You can learn more about projects development issues from the official explanation by following this link.

Platinum Q DAO Engineering has a deep respect for the projects’ communities and is already resolving the current situation. There is no need to worry, everything is under control — project development is proceeding at the intended pace and maintenance of services will continue, regardless of the outcome. The main priority of the company is to create a prosperous and happy community.

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