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Earn Up to 16.37% Annually with QDAO DeFi v2.1

June 1st, we are launching BETA TESTING of new ‘deposit’ products as part of the QDAO DeFi update to version 2.1.

However, only 100 lucky members will be able to take part in the beta testing and receive a solid bonus.

1. Deposits inside the Noah Wallet

Great news — QDAO DeFi v2.1 deposits will soon be possible directly in Noah Custodian Wallet!

This is one of the main updates — implementation of a deposits feature inside the Noah Custodian Wallet. The corresponding functionality will be added soon. Firstly, the program will be available in test mode. Follow the pre-registration link right now for your chance to take part in the beta test and be one of the first to try out the benefits of QDAO DeFi v2.1

2. One hundred BETA TEST participants only

We will choose 100 lucky users to participate in the test, for which they will receive a +1% addition to their deposit profit. Apply now to try your luck! The bonus will be valid until the deposit products are activated for all users of QDAO DeFi.

3. Noah Citizenship bonuses

Another main condition of QDAO DeFi v2.1 is the bonus interest for Noah Citizens. They will receive an additional 1% to 5% per annum on their deposit, depending on their level of citizenship.

Thus, the income of QDAO DeFi could soar up to 16.37% in passive profit annually!


  1. USDT deposits BASIC RATE with a 6-month term will equal 10.37%.
  2. You can add +5% more if you have Senator status in Noah City. You will therefore have 15.37% APR in total.
  3. You can add a +1% bonus for participation in the BETA TEST.
  4. Your total QDAO DeFi profit will be as follows: 10.37% + 5% + 1% = 16.37%

4. Your current QDAO DeFi interest rates remain unchanged

We want to draw your attention to the fact that the current QDAO DeFi interest rates remain UNCHANGED. You will continue to receive dividends EVERY DAY and of course, you can withdraw your dividends at ANY TIME.

If you want to try QDAO DeFi 2.1, you should apply for BETA TESTING. Just follow the link, fill out the form and apply for the program:

Don’t be disheartened if you are not among the beta testers — just wait for the next announcement.

The new conditions of QDAO DeFi 2.1 are only available with the Noah City CUSTODY WALLET:

5. Introducing deposit “terms” and “rates”

From now on, the rate will change depending on the selected deposit terms but will be fixed based on the selected conditions. For perpetual deposits, the rate may fluctuate daily. Here are the updated terms and rates of QDAO DeFi v2.1, starting from 1st June 2020:

At the very beginning of the beta test only BTC and ETH will be available. Other cryptocurrencies will be added as testing progresses.

Take this opportunity to participate in the beta test of QDAO DeFi v2.1 and receive higher rates. Just follow the link and apply for the program:

6. Interest rates of “Deposit products”

Please note: All rates of “Deposit products” are subject to change but remain unchanged during the deposit period that has already begun. All adjustments of the “Deposit product” will be announced in advance. We reserve the right to change or keep interest rates as per our assessment of market conditions.

Example: You choose a BTC “Deposit product” with a 6 month term and a 7.3% interest rate. You deposited 1 BTC.

  1. You will receive daily passive income and after 180 days, you will receive 0.0365 BTC total in interest + your initial 1 BTC.
  2. You can withdraw your initial 1 BTC during the deposit period, but your contract will be terminated in accordance with User Agreement . You can withdraw daily income without any penalties.
  3. Your 1 BTC will only be available after 6 months pass.
  4. The interest rate is fixed during the deposit period and cannot be changed.
  5. If the official “Deposit product’s” rates are changed during your participation period, it will not affect your CURRENT opened deposit.
  6. If this “Deposit product” becomes unavailable, it will not affect your CURRENT OPENED deposit.
  7. You will be offered a choice of other “Deposit products” after your term(s) are over and if the previous “Deposit product” is no longer available.

QDAO DeFi v2.1 is a big step for the program’s development. It will open great new opportunities for profit and attract more participants. Join QDAO DeFi v2.1 today and receive the biggest interest rates on the market!

You can always find all our updates first-hand, just follow these links:


Noah BTCNEXT Exchange:

New Noah Blockchain ecosystem:



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