Platio wins major ICO award at the World Blockchain Forum in London

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Platio was one of three winners in the ICO pitch competition at the World Blockchain Forum in London last week!

The presentation, given by Platio CFO Irina Berkon, struck a huge chord with an audience excited by Platio’s solutions to the crypto world’s main challenges.

The pitch was given right before lunch and went down so well that our booth was flooded by people wanting to know more, look at the prototype and discuss working together. Interest came from all across the cryptocurrency spectrum, from large investment funds, to individual users and crypto enthusiasts. In fact, it was so overwhelming that neither Irina nor our Chief Product Officer Andrzej Dawydowicz managed to have lunch that day!

Two of Platio’s features in particular got the conference buzzing. First, the ability to manage all your assets, whether crypto, fiat or stocks, from the same log-in. The current situation of multiple balances over many different accounts and wallets is, as Irina says, “a pain point of many attending the conference, even though most were avid crypto users.”

Another frequent topic of conversation for the team was the Asset Guard Access Loss feature. This solves a “problem that everyone has and no one talks about.” “From our first conversations,” Irina says, “it was obvious that this feature will be a hit.

Platio’s win hit the crypto-media this week, being featured in ICO Examiner, Journal du Token and Irina too was in great demand during the event, giving several interviews to the global crypto media including the one below with Bitcoin Magazine NL.

All in all, the World Blockchain Forum was a perfect start to our international roadshow. As Irina says, “the product is recognized, needed, required and wanted.”

Next stop, Consensus in Singapore.

Andrzej, Dima and Irina in London

The Platio private pre-sale opened on Monday, 20th August, 2018, with the public pre-sale starting on October 8th.