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【Grants Program Introduction】LAT.Finance’s Phase One Product: Staking Mining Pool

Program Name


Program Introduction

LAT.Finance is the portal-level financial platform of the PlatON ecosystem. It focuses on facilitating users’ convenient participation in PlatON’s financial business, and helps users tap high-quality investment opportunities with detailed data and intelligent strategies.

LAT.Finance will continue to launch new financial products based on the development of the ecosystem. This time’s Grant includes its first product, the Staking Mining Pool, which aims to provide entrusted pledge services for ATP holders of the Alaya network and maximize revenue with intelligent strategies.

Detailed Description

When participating in Staking on the Alaya network, there may be huge differences in the revenue obtained by pledging to different nodes. In addition to the difference in the fee rate and the total number of votes set by the nodes, the number of blocks generated by the nodes also varies greatly due to different operation and maintenance environments, which ultimately affects the actual revenue of the users’ pledge. The goal of the Staking Pool is to allow each Token holder to enjoy the optimal Staking revenue.

The Staking Mining Pool is a smart contract system where the Token holders interact with the smart contract through the Samurai browser plugin wallet, and the chain keeps an unalterable record of the Token holder’s participation. The Staking Mining Pool then votes the received Tokens to different nodes through the optimal voting strategy, and also dynamically optimizes them according to the network pledge changes and node status, all of which are automatically controlled by the algorithm. At the end of each cycle (approximately 3 hours), the Mining Pool will clear the revenue and credit them to the principals according to the commission share recorded in the smart contract. The principal can initiate multiple decommissioning requests at any time during the commission period, and all decommissioned Tokens will be credited after the end of the current cycle, so if you submit your request at the beginning of the cycle, the decommissioning transaction may take up to 3 hours.

Significance of Program

Staking Mining Pool not only increases the revenue of Token holders but also ensures that the votes of network verification nodes are more decentralized.

Team Introduction

Team Name: LAT.Finance

Team Member: AvaLuo

Team Background and Experience: The LAT.Finance team is composed of decentralized finance enthusiasts, who have a long-term involvement in the Ethereum and Polkadot ecology. And they take part in the establishment of the PlatON ecology since 2018.

Program Planning

Products plan to launch include LAT.Finance official site and the first APP, Staking Mining Pool.

Future Plan

The Staking Mining Pool is the first product offered by the LAT.Finance team, who plans to launch a decentralized trading platform that supports privacy Tokens, etc. At the same time, the LAT.Finance team will also operate the Alaya mainnet and PlatON mainnet verification nodes to provide full support for stable network operation.



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