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LatticeX Foundation Reached Strategic Partnership with xNFT Protocol

Recently, Singapore LatticeX Foundation, the promoter of privacy-preserving AI network PlatON and financial public chain Alaya, announced its strategic partnership with xNFT Protocol in the area of tech collaboration, crypto art, and ecosystem development.

At the same time, xNFT Protocol and LatticeX Foundation sought and promoted to reach a deep consensus with PlatON for fully integrating its product matrix into PlatON’s ecosystem, so as to enrich the products system of PlatON NFT with DigiCenter Digital Collection Wallet, xNFT Oracle Price Prediction Machine, NFTPark On-Chain Encryption Art Gallery, etc., and endow both platforms and products more underlying innovation and business value by working together.

In addition, PlatON’s privacy-preserving computation technology will benefit xNFT Protocol by empowering cryptographic art value, realizing digital identification of traditional art, and facilitating asset digitization, to jointly promote the technological development of NFT and Metaverse.

Singapore-based LatticeX Foundation aims to build up a completely decentralized computation interoperability network and facilitate the transactions of data use rights under the premise of protecting data sovereignty and privacy, in order to achieve the vision of returning the data sovereignty to users, protecting data privacy, and realizing data value exchange by building up complex computing. To realize its vision, LatticeX supports various academic researches, cultivates and manages various applications, and provides financial support for high-quality projects. PlatON, the Privacy-preserving AI Network, and Financial Public Chain Alaya Network are mainly supported and promoted by LatticeX Foundation.

xNFT Protocol is jointly launched by numerous core experts, senior architects and senior engineers with rich experience in the field of DeFi/NFT around the world, committing to realizing the rapid release of NFT and automatic transaction protocols. Recently, xNFT Protocol has completed several rounds of continuous funding. The related products in xNFT Protocol’s ecosystem also include DigiCenter Digital Collection Wallet, xNFT Oracle Price Prediction Machine, NFTMarketcap Aggregation Market, NFTBank Revenue Aggregator, NFTPark On-Chain Encryption Art Gallery, etc.

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