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PlatON Bi-weekly Report 1130 | PlatON Privacy-Preserving Network Video Released; PlatON Initially Integrates with Ledger Hardware Wallet

PlatON, initiated and driven by the LatticeX Foundation, is a next-generation Internet infrastructure protocol based on the fundamental properties of blockchain and supported by the privacy-preserving computation network. “Computing interoperability” is its core feature. By building a computing system assembled by Verifiable Computation, Secure Multi-Party Computation, Zero-Knowledge Proof, Homomorphic Encryption and other cryptographic algorithms and blockchain technology, PlatON provides a public infrastructure in open source architecture for global artificial intelligence, distributed application developers, data providers and various organizations, communities and individuals with computing needs.

🌕Technological progress


  • PlatON version 1.1.2 has been developed and is being tested, scheduled to go live in early December, mainly fixing the development network BADBLOCK issue.
  • Mobile wallet ATON 1.1.1 version testing, mainly fix: entrusted node details “no available wallets” problem, transaction Pending state, receive rewards button after more than 5 minutes Pending state back to normal, Android 11 adaptation problems.
  • PlatScan version 1.1.3 is under testing and is scheduled to be released in December, mainly fixing: the new page for adding network RPC information to the MetaMask plugin wallet.


  • Alaya’s bottom layer version 0.16.2 development completed, in testing, planned to go live in early December, mainly to fix the development network BADBLOCK problem.
  • AlayaScan version 1.1.3 progress, requirements as PlatScan.

Hardware wallet

  • Completed the development of Ledger hardware wallet adapted to PlatON (LAT) 1.0, and has submitted an application to Ledger official shelves. Ledger 2.0 version is being tested, mainly supporting commission and pledge functions.

Privacy-Preserving Network R&D Progress

  • Privacy-Preserving Network 0.2.0 ad-hoc network consensus feasibility testing completed
  • Privacy-Preserving Network 0.2.0 internal validation of admin console and browser data presentation completed
  • Privacy-Preserving Network 0.2.0 integration of DNN, XGBoost and linear regression algorithms completed
  • Privacy-Preserving network 0.2.0 build and deploy internal pressure testing environment small number of tasks pressure testing completed
  • Privacy-Preserving Network 0.3.0 Simplified deployment of consul registry integration complete

Privacy AI

  • Integration of both linear regression training, prediction and DNN algorithms
  • XGBoost algorithm integration validation in progress

🌕Ecosystem Progress

— Grants Relevant Progress —

  • Hackathon — Showme, the NFT social subscription platform for Web 3.0, which has completed deployment on the Alaya test network.
  • Hackathon — privacy computing concept itheum, completed Alaya test network deployment.
  • Hackathon — RAP Rice Apartment, officially deployed on the main network and submitted code related to PRC721 extension protocol.
  • Hackathon — DEEP research and learning resource exchange platform, the related demo has been developed in PlatON test network in progress.
  • Synthetic asset platform Prism test network project has been online on the test network:

— Privacy-preserving Computation R&D Progress —

— —

On 19 November, CEO Lin Yao visited Punggol Digital Park Singapore to discuss how the BoAT blockchain application framework can help Punggol Digital Park Singapore to create a trusted digital base for the Internet of Things.

🌕Market Operation Ecosystem

| ATON has been updated to version 1.1.0 and now supports WalletConnect

Recently, WalletConnect is now supported in the updated ATON version 1.1.0, which aims to fully enhance the ease of use and eco-expansion of ATON, bringing users a more convenient and secure product experience.


| Tutorial on How to Connect Samurai with Ledger Hardware Wallets

#PlatON has initially integrated @Ledger hardware Wallet (currently in developer mode for the time being), and will subsequently provide hardware wallet services to a wide range of PlatON users.


| PlatON Network Version 1.1.1 (Copernicus) Upgrade Operations Manual

| PlatON Network Version 1.1.1 (Copernicus) update announcement


👉PlatON Privacy-Preserving Network Tutorial Video Released

This video introduces the use of PlatON 2.0 Phase 1 product, the second layer of PlatON’s three-layer network, the Decentralised Privacy Computing Network, which aims to build a decentralised data sharing and privacy computing infrastructure network that links data users, data owners, algorithm developers and computing power providers, enabling data to be identified, priced and protected. Video link.

👉PlatON AIR Hackathon PLUS

There have been six events including the community quiz for participators of Hackathon Plus and PlatON AIR Hackathon, specifically:

  • Itheum
  • PlatON Ambassador Luscter shares
  • LionSwap
  • Breaking News
  • Pumo Finance
  • LAI Protocol

To take part in the quiz event, please join the PlatON Chinese community:

👉PlatON AIR Hackathon Plus Live

| PlatON AIR Hackathon Plus Live Stream Rice Apartment Project X Dante

This Hackathon Plus live session features RAP Rice Apartments and DANTE Network, a project that aims to identify and price the property rights of low-priced small property rights flats, and to achieve a credible transaction of property rights. Transfer.

Dante Network will study the cross-chain privacy storage technology system and break through the key technologies of cross-chain data storage and privacy protection, such as decentralized on-chain privacy storage and order transaction, off-chain verifiable storage, off-chain privacy transmission and cross-chain data trustworthy flow. Live replay.

| PlatON AIR Hackathon Plus Special Live Stream PlatDot X Privacy Recommendation System

PlatDot and Privacy Recommender System are the projects invited to the Hackathon Plus PlatON AIR Live Stream, which consists of a distributed control management cross-chain asset federation and a cross-chain bridge smart contract. The solution is a secure and decentralized cross-chain solution.

The privacy recommendation system is the introduction of PlatON privacy calculation tool in the recommendation system, with secure multi-party calculation as the representative of cryptography technology to effectively protect all data of users, which can truly and effectively achieve data rights and privacy protection. Live replay.



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