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Featured Stories, №1

Play On Words Inaugural Featured Stories

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Thank you for joining the new publication, Play On Words and welcome to the inaugural Featured Stories, issue №1. Should you continue to follow, you will receive weekly updates on the hottest Medium stories.

This week, we have highlighted authors/story-writers that go against Medium’s curation guidelines and yet, continue to amass followers. Let this be a reminder that success looks different, as evidenced by these stories below:

  1. Medium’s writing goddess, Zulie Rane, released Spam Emails Can Teach You to Write Viral Articles on June 15 and has already gained more than 3k claps and forty-one comments. Follow Zulie Rane for the latest tips on writing and publishing on Medium.
  2. Lyuba Golovina’s 5 Big Reasons Why People Hit Unsubscribe to Your Emails a listicle, goes against Medium’s recommendation for curation, but is a reminder that listicles are really successful here. Read Lyuba Golovina’s story for an example of a listicle.
  3. Author of upcoming book, Eventually™, Admiral Cloudberg, published story, Memories of Flame: The Crash of TWA Flight 800, a 49-minute read analyzing the 1996 plane crash of TWA Flight 800. Stories on Medium are not usually more than ten minutes of reading time, but Admiral Cloudberg, known for detailed stories, includes photos, videos and witness accounts, breaking the Medium-mold. Follow Admiral Cloudberg for fascinating plane-crash analyzing.
  4. Baseball lover, Cary Osborne, writes about Los Angeles Dodgers with latest story Leave it to the lefties to dominate the day for the Dodgers. While new writers are worried about running out of content, afraid to pin themselves down to just one niche, Osborne excels at creative writing within his own niche. Follow Cary Osborne for the latest on the L.A. Dodgers.

Featured Stories №2, will highlight authors based on recommendations. What writer inspires you? What stories have you recently saved and what is the reason for saving the story?

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