Play Time for Everyone

Videogames, board games, freeze tag - if you can play it, we’ll be talking about it. (photo by Hinke)

Lost Lives

The most important story Fire Emblem tells about the nature of war is the one you’ll never finish.

Rock Stars

Remembering Rock Band and the music game bubble, six years later

My first electric guitar was a rickety thing.

Xbox One: The Bloody Bullet List

Footnotes to accompany today’s wave of a new console’s reviews

The new Xbox One game system, in its current state, is one of…

Anatomy of a Bastard’s ‘Playable’ project and the black art of game development

After several months of occasional correspondence characterized…

The Threat of Reading

Dangerous paperbacks when video games came first

“I know you’re not a reader but,man, you’d love this.” It was pointless saying so but I…

Idiot Nerd Girl Meme

A case of definitional borderlines

We all know them, we all hate them. The gamer gurlz and idiot nerd girls are why we can’t have nice things…

Son of Pong

Growing up as the child of a videogame junkie

I went to a movie alone three years ago, right before I sobered up and started over. The theater was mostly…

The Joys of Digging

Michael Rousseau talks to Brjann Sigurgeirsson about the development of SteamWorld: Dig

A Gamer’s Game

Max Payne 3 is what it is, and not much else

Like its aging, eponymous protagonist, Max Payne 3 was behind the times. A delayed installment in a…

Settlers Of Catan Beats Smartphones In The Attention Theater

“Put down that phone, I’m talking to you.”

The Grand Dystopic Vision of the Open World Game

What do you call a world made entirely of satire? How about “dystopia”?

Review of the OK Cupid App

A review that is objective and fair

The night stretches a lumpy blanket across you just after midnight. The gummy pages of vintage books

Can We Discuss the Crotch Sweat Thing? 

Perhaps you heard about it—the crotch sweat thing. Bust Magazine reported that Kotex had rolled out an ad campaign for “sport pantyliners” with a…

Gaming as Relationship Status

Button-Mashing, Breaking Up, and Other Dangerous Forays

When I started hanging out in other people’s basements instead of my own…

Freedom to Play

My journey to Belarus started with a tank wound and ended with a techno-fueled attack by paint-bombs.

Ghosts in the Machine

A story by Maddy Myers

The short story you’re about to read—“Unto Dust,” by Maddy Myers—is a free excerpt from the recently-released anthology

The Torn Wallpaper 

On the art of dissonance

When I read Lonnie’s notes, I hear the voice of a friend in my head. Not someone close, but someone I deeply admire. Lonnie…

Just a Game: Dota 2 and Sport

What happens when it stops being—or just starts being—a game?

David Foster Wallace, in his essay “How Tracy Austin Broke My…

Nintendo’s Software Problem

Well, this was unexpected.

After announcing a price drop to its floundering Wii U and unveiling the bafflingly titled 2DS, Nintendo has…

Dimensional Vortex

The new Nintendo 2DS is a cost-saving salvo against Apple’s dominance, but a leaked document suggests it’s a teaser for Nintendo’s next real move.

Context is King

Games like Gone Home and Brothers have a special way of showing they care.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons opens with a bleak series of events…

The Great Regurgitation

An angry rant about remakes, carbon copies, and the decline in quality storytelling.

I used to be a fan of remakes. Thinking back now, perhaps it’s something of a guilty pleasure; in a way my younger self would have celebrated some of the recent events surrounding all of the movies and games that have been reinvented. Needless to say…

Ducking Old Memories: The Dark Side of Remastering

DuckTales, the TV series starring a treasure-hunting Scrooge McDuck, wasn’t just a fun cartoon with a catchy theme song (a-woo-oo…

Play Time for Everyone
Play Time for Everyone

Videogames, board games, freeze tag - if you can play it, we’ll be talking about it. (photo by Hinke)

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