36 Companies Claimed Land in The Sandbox

Robert Hoogendoorn
Feb 7 · 4 min read

A total of 36 blockchain companies have become partners with The Sandbox and as a result they claimed a plot of land inside the virtual game world. Game studio Pixowl announced these numbers this week. Some companies will build exclusive content for the game world, while others will use The Sandbox as an extension of their business.

Each of the companies will bring something different to the digital world of The Sandbox. So even without player contributions the world of The Sandbox will already be filled with entertainment when it launches later this year.

Last year The Sandbox sold its first 2.5 percent of LAND. Currently land is selling for 0.2 ETH on OpenSea. The most expensive land is currently on sale for 15 ETH. On February 11th their will be another sale. There will be 5 percent of total parcels available for sale. Those 6192 pieces of land will be available with a 30% discount.

List of participating companies


  1. The Sandbox — The have a piece of land at the center of the virtual world where they will build an unique game experience and community hub.
  2. Animoca Brands — Creating a community hub or game experience based on one or more of their brands.
  3. Old Skull Games — This mobile games studio is building an exclusive gaming experiences.
  4. My Crypto Heroes — An artistic partnership where artists from My Crypto Heroes will move their work into The Sandbox.
  5. Axie Infinity — A racing game inside The Sandbox where players can use their Axies.
  6. Experimental / CryptoWars — Cross promotion and an unique game experience inside The Sandbox.
  7. Battle Racers — Possibly avatars from Battle Racers inside The Sandbox, together with dioramas based on tracks and cars.
  8. Cryptokitties — A special game experience faithful to the Cryptokitties identity.
  9. PlayDapp — A game experience based on CryptoDozer, DozerBird or Dozer Treasures.
  10. Blockchain Cuties Universe — A social meetup for Blockchain Cuties fans, including some gaming elements.
  11. Neon District — Blockade Games is making a Neon District-inspired game where the community can meet up and share original adventures.
  12. Flow — An unannounced game experience.
  13. Dedalord — Known for their mobile game character Fred. They will probably create something Fred-related.
  14. Planetarium / Nine Chronicles — Voxel content in their land using their IPs, like for example Nine Chronicles.
  15. Light Trail Rush / B2Expand — Building a racing game inside The Sandbox.
  16. F1 Delta Time — Grow and enhance fan experience and broaden user reach. They want to build a racing game.
  17. Stryking Entertainment — Their estate is aimed at sports fans.
  18. Reality Clash — An original game that’s exclusive to The Sandbox.
  19. Crypto Sword and Magic — An exclusive game experience. However, details are unknown.
  20. Ember Sword / So Couch Studios — A gaming experience built with and for the community.


  1. OpenSea — The popular token marketplace is moving into The Sandbox.
  2. NFT.nyc — A virtual NFT.nyc swag store to dress your avatars. As a result you can wear the same clothes virtually.
  3. Korean District — The Sandbox Korean Artists Community is building a South Korea inspired estate filled with folklore, culture and art.
  4. Shaun The Sheep — Based on the animation series by Aardvark this plot of land will be a voxel version of Mossy Bottom Farm.


  1. Bitski — The Sandbox is using tools from Bitski. Users who are new to blockchain technology with get easy access to a crypto wallet.
  2. MakerDAO — Gamers can use the DAI stablecoin on the marketplace. They will create DAI City, a social meeting point and gaming arena with DAI at its heart.
  3. Klaytn — Pixowl is exploring how to expand The Sandbox to the Klaytn blockchain.
  4. Token Pocket — User friendly Japanese token wallet.
  5. Matic — Improving decentralized exchanges together, while thinking about layer-2 integrations into The Sandbox.
  6. Opera — The browser will list The Sandbox among their dApps, making adoption easier for first-timers.


  1. Blocore — This is a PR and marketing partner for The Sandbox.
  2. Dapp.com — Another marketing partner to reach a blockchain-oriented audience.
  3. DappRadar — An additional marketing partner, while also implementing DappRadar data into the game world.
  4. NonFungible.com — API integration and support with assistance coming from two sides.
  5. Blockchain Game Alliance — This organization raises awareness about blockchain technologies. How they will use their estate is unknown, but most likely they will be more informational.
  6. True Global Ventures — The Sandbox will also have a LAND dedicated to True Global Ventures, where the community could gather and create cross-platform experiences.
Where will you buy your LAND?

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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Play to Earn is all about blockchain games. We write about technical developments, changes in game design, and how blockchain games change social and economic aspects within the games industry.

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Play to Earn

Play to Earn is all about blockchain games. We write about technical developments, changes in game design, and how blockchain games change social and economic aspects within the games industry.

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