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Atari Token Getting Easier On-boarding with Arkane

Ramping up for a summer full of casino games and tokens🎲🎰

Atari has announced a partnership with crypto wallet and service provider Arkane Network to make it even easier for users to acquire, send and store Atari Tokens. The wallet service will integrate the token and support Atari’s strategic objective to boost the adoption of Atari Token across the online gaming and gambling ecosystem.

Arkane will allow game developers to easily use Atari Token as an in-game currency. The token can for example be used to buy, sell or trade assets with other gamers.

Integrating the Atari Token in our services is the first phase and with Atari’s expertise and experience in gaming, we will be improving our platform services and offering so that it can be used by Atari for their various blockchain initiatives.

Tim Dierckxsens, CSO Arkane Network — (Play to Earn, 15/5/2020)

Atari isn’t the only owner over the Atari token. Both Atari and the ICICB Group have ownership over Gibraltar-based Atari Chain Ltd. They currently are doing a token pre-sale. In the current pre-sale tokens cost $0.08. They are aiming for a public sale starting this summer. More about Atari’s ambitions into crypto here.

So what’s Arkane Network?

Arkane Network is a Belgium-based company aimed at pushing the adoption of crypto among the gaming community. They do this by providing a smooth and easy on-boarding process. One of the cool features they offer, is sending cryptocurrency using e-mails. The receiver then needs to make a wallet using that e-mail address to actually get access to it. Sending crypto by e-mail is just one example of how Arkane wants to improve the user experience.

In addition Arkane recently integrated Matic into their services, allowing cheap and fast transactions. These aren’t the only benefits for game studios, as tokenized game assets (non-fungible tokens, or NFTs) can be visualised inside the Arkane Wallet.

Atari isn’t the only gaming company working with the wallet provider. Blockchain gaming companies like for example Ethermon and 0xGames will be using their services as well. They will launch within the next few weeks.

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