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Beeple, Bratz & An Auction for UNICEF — Play to Earn #51

NFT Staking coming to WAX, Aavegotchi launching product and Ultra getting ready!

This has been a week with many announcements about new, upcoming products and product launches. A new NFT staking product is launching on the WAX blockchain, there’s a Bratz fashion dolls game coming next year, and visual artist Beeple sold for many million of dollars through Niftygateway. With the crypto industry riding a bullish wave, I’m very excited about 2021. Enjoy this week’s newsletter! Robert Hoogendoorn

This month F1 Delta Time by Animoca Brands is sponsoring the Play to Earn Newsletter! Thanks to them we can keep doing what we’re doing with even more dedication. F1 Delta Time is an officially licensed Formula 1 game on the Ethereum blockchain. Players have true ownership over digital cars, drivers, car parts and even track segments. The play-to-earn model of this racing game consists of two main components; 1. Collecting scarce digital items to fill your garage 2. Using these items to compete in races. Visit their website to learn more or to participate in various events running throughout December!

🤑 Staking Digital Collectibles Coming to WAX

The development team behind the trading card game Tribal Books is working on an NFT staking mechanism on the Wax blockchain. This will start for Tribal Books and Garbage Pail Kids NFTs only, but will likely embrace more projects in the near future. This is obviously good news, because this week more digital collectibles were added to the Wax blockchain. Music artist Deadmau5 released his series of card packs, while Capcom will release upgradeable Street Fighter cards. The studio called their project R-Planet, and it should combine DeFi and NFTs with a gaming element. ▶▶▶ Read more

👧 Bratz Collectibles and Games Coming to Blockchain

I’m probably not the target audience, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Back in the early 2000s Bratz was a popular brand among young girls. A couple of movies, tv series and video games later Animoca Brands got a license to create a blockchain game and digital collectibles involving these stylized fashion girlz. Yes, with a z at the end. Thatz how the popular kidz wrote in thoze dayz. ▶▶▶ Read more

🖼 Beeple Auctions Artworks for $3.55 Million

This was an interesting week for crypto art. Deadmau5 dropped an artwork together with Sutu on SuperRare, which sold for $50.000. More interesting was the auction by Beeple on Niftygateway. He sold three timed-limited editions, one major bundle and 20 unique pieces. Each of these combined a digital artwork with ownership secured on the blockchain together with a physical piece in a nice box. In total he made more than 3.5 million dollars. ▶▶▶ Read more

💥 Game Worlds Swallow The World Through Blockchain

I wrote an article about the way gaming is changing thanks to blockchain technology. How the participants of a game become more diverse and also see the results of their in-game efforts in the real world. Blockchain technology is redefining game worlds, expanding the concept into something that’s omnipresent. Game worlds are expanding, slowly swallowing everything they can touch. ▶▶▶ Read more

🏆 Mining Game MegaCube Coming to Decentraland

What happens when you have a giant cube where players need to click until they’ve got RSI… but they will end up winning prizes. And it the very center of this cube, there’s one prize that will only be won by the one person who makes the final click. Interested? Yeah, me too. ▶▶▶ Read more

🥰 The Sandbox Auctioning Land for UNICEF

Starting from today The Sandbox has created an auction for an estate consisting out of 144 land parcels. That would be 7500 dollars in value. The auctions takes place on Opensea and the proceeds go to the UNICEF Crypto Fund to stimulate the use of computers among the younger generation in developing countries. Bids happen on Opensea and only bids in SAND are accepted. ▶▶▶ Place a bid

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Play to Earn Community Update

Community airdrop next week
I’m a bit behind on schedule when it comes to the distribution of our $PLAY token. That’s why next week will be a week full of airdrops. We will drop $PLAY on Twitter, in all our articles and of course in our Discord. These $PLAY drops will happen from Monday to Friday and in total there will be more than 20.000 PLAY up for grabs. More about PLAY token on our website.

How to use PLAY?
We’re currently in the creation process for a series of Cryptovoxels wearables. In addition we’re in discussion to get $PLAY integrated into a blockchain game. On top of that you can already use our token to acquire banners space here in the newsletter, buy our website membership or obtain gaming artworks from our shop.

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