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Bullish: Apple Pay Embracing Crypto — Play to Earn #36

The Sandbox, Rarible, Apple, lots of things happened in the blockchain gaming space this week!

What’s happening at Apple and their sudden love for blockchain? Will all influencers get their own token? And big things are happening around The Sandbox and Rarible. Enough exciting things to talk about. Also, make sure to follow @playtoearn on Twitter, because we’ll be announcing an awesome collaboration next week! Now first, grab a coffee and enjoy this week’s newsletter! ☕

— Robert Hoogendoorn

PSA. Starting from next week we will publish one article to highlight some amazing crypto artists. This will be a weekly feature.

COIN and the Rise of Social Tokens

Monetizing yourself. Sounds cool right? You can invest in products and ideas, but through social tokens anybody can invest in someone’s ideas, work and creative brain.Last week Marguerite deCourcelle tokenized herself and launched her own social token COIN. Online she’s better known as coin_artist. Investors and fans alike can now invest in her brand by acquiring her token. It’s seems a bit odd to invest in an individual. But it’s actually a very interesting idea that goes beyond the scope of normal tokens or stocks. ▶▶▶ Read more

Binance Becomes Biggest Landowner in The Sandbox

Binance have announced that they have bought 4012 land parcels inside the virtual world of The Sandbox. This automatically makes Binance the biggest landowner inside the upcoming virtual game world. They will use their land for community projects, giveaways and of course building a presence for the exchange inside the virtual world. Bullish! ▶▶▶ Read more

MyEtherWallet Now Supports Apple Pay

Something is brewing at Apple. After the launch of Metamask on iOS, it’s now MyEtherWallet that also accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Blockhain gamers, art collectors and investors can now buy ETH directly from their iPad or iPhone. It’s the first time that Apple allows full integration of their payment method into crypto wallets. ▶▶▶ Read more

Community Governance Rolling Out at Rarible

Token minting platform Rarible has announced the first steps into community governance. During their first RARI Reform (RR1) they invite the community to make development proposals about funding and community grants. In addition there are plans to reduce wash trading, which also requires community involvement. ▶▶▶ Read more

Rarible Secured Funding from Coinfund

Digital asset platform Rarible has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from blockchain investment firm Coinfund. The token platform will use the investment to develop a community-governed and blockchain-based marketplace for non-fungible tokens. ▶▶▶ Read more

Wallet Service and Free Transactions for Hash Rush

The blockchain-powered strategy game Hash Rush will introduce free transactions thanks to a RUSH Gas Station and in addition users will get an improved custom wallet this month. VZ Games has been working with 4ire Labs to create these blockchain services, and which includes the concept of a liquidity pool. However, this means that RUSH coins will be swapped. ▶▶▶ Read more

SAND from The Sandbox Now On Opensea

Collectors, gamers and traders can now use the SAND token from the upcoming virtual world The Sandbox on the open marketplace Opensea. People trading on the marketplace can use the recently launched token to sell or buy digital assets from the game. SAND is the only currency used in the ecosystem of The Sandbox. ▶▶▶ Read more

Gods Unchained Launches Sale Promotion Campaign

In order to push sales for their new season, the trading card game Gods Unchained has launched a promotion campaign that rewards gamers who buy card packs. Players can earn Collection Title rewards, a new playing board and a new promo card. Cards from the Gods Unchained Trial of the Gods collection are on sale now on the official website. ▶▶▶ Read more

Hodl God Tokens Now Trading on Bancor

Traders and investors are now able to trade VOID tokens from the upcoming battle royale role playing game Hodl God on decentralized exchanges Bancor and XNation. Studio Onessus will introduce VOID in both the game and their ecommerce anti-fraud solution. The liquidity pool on Bancor starts with a 2000 dollar pool and Onessus will expand when needed. ▶▶▶ Read more

Bitcoin-shooter Lightnite Partners with Trezor

Satoshi’s Games and their battle royale shooter Lightnite have partnered with cryptocurrency wallet Trezor. Together they bring a Trezor Model T: Lightnite Limited Edition to the market for 179 EUR. The customized wallet comes with a range of goodies, premium access to the game and 20 dollars in bitcoin. ▶▶▶ Read more

Cryptopunks Collector Goes on Buying Spree

A Cryptopunks buying spree has put the pioneering crypto art project back in the spotlight. A collector who goes by the nickname DANNY spent 98 ETH to acquire three rare punks from three different sellers. That’s almost 34 thousand dollars for these three collectibles. ▶▶▶ Read more

The Six Dragons Circumvents Gas Fee Issues

The studio behind the blockchain-powered role playing game The Six Dragons has made significant changes in order to deal with the gas fee problems on the Ethereum blockchain. The developers have introduced off-chain materials, items and enchanting. At a moment of their likening, players can exchange their off-chain assets for their blockchain versions. ▶▶▶ Read more

Early Version Dark Country Available Next Week

An early version of the blockchain-powered trading card game Dark Country will be available to play for a very select number of gamers. This will happen on September 15th. Only gamers who made a purchase of one hundred dollars are eligible to join this early stage. ▶▶▶ Read more

Taurion Does Hard Fork Amidst Treasure Hunt

The blockchain-powered strategy game Taurion will undergo a so-called hard fork, while the Taurion Treasure Hunt is still on-going. The team at Xaya is doing this game update as a part of the alpha test. They want to test the impact of the hard fork and introduce some updates for the strategy game. ▶▶▶ Read more

War of Ants Player Base Increased Tenfold

Since War of Ants launched its game in open beta on Android devices on September 1st, the player base is up 1077 percent. Currently there are over one hundred players per day, and that amount keeps increasing. Ultimately War of Ants will also make an appearance on iOS devices. ▶▶▶ Read more

Play to Earn is creating its own festival all about the play-to-earn business model. Hopefully it will be an eye-opener for many gamers and blockchain users alike. Even though the venue is small at the moment, I’m already working hard to make things happen. Take a look at the event page. Feel free to reach out on Twitter @nederob or @playtoearn.



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