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Burning Man Going Virtual — Play to Earn #34

This week feat. The Sandbox, Hash Rush, Taurion, Decentraland and awesome crypto art projects!

Burning Man Happening in Blockchain Virtual Worlds

In The Sandbox You Need SAND for LAND

Crypto Art Owner Profits from Merchandise Sales

Gamers Have Spent $25 Million on Decentraland

Comic Book Artist José Delbo Dropping More Crypto Art

GameCredits Acquired Satoshi Battles

Chainlink Brings Usernames to War Riders

Social Media Logins Integrated into The Sandbox

Ten Thousand Gamers Playing Hash Rush

What is play-to-earn as a business model?



Play to Earn is all about blockchain games. We write about technical developments, changes in game design, and how blockchain games change social and economic aspects within the games industry.

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Metaverse citizen, Web3 enthusiast, NFT collector. Learning about blockchain every day, sharing my knowledge and passion. Head of Content at DappRadar