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Casual Gaming Moving into Crypto and Blockchain — Play to Earn #41

Gaming meets DeFi, more REVV news and new announcements for the Play to Earn Game Festival!

Major moves from Animoca Brands, which is moving a subsidiary into the blockchain space. Hyper casual gaming mixed with crypto and NFTs, it’s something that’s already getting traction through Thundercore. Thanks to Gamee 20 million active players will be introduced to earning tokens and collecting NFTs. Change is coming, do you feel it? Enjoy this week’s newsletter!
— Robert Hoogendoorn

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Casual Gaming Moving into Blockchain

Games aimed at a casual audience are no longer lame. It’s one of the biggest trends in gaming. The startups that jumped into this movement ten years ago, are now worth billions. In short: casual games is hot. There’s even something called hyper casual. Anyway, what if those simple web games start embracing play-to-earn blockchain mechanisms and cryptocurrencies? Yup, that’s happening. Animoca’s subsidiary Gamee will make a BIG move into the blockchain space. ▶▶▶Read more

Mobox to Combine Gaming with Decentralized Finance

The team behind the mobile game Chainz Arena has announced a new platform called Mobox. This platform combines games with decentralized finance. Elements like yield farming and play-to-earn mechanics will have a strong presence on the platform. They are planning to launch a test version later this year. ▶▶▶ Read more

Fatal Run and Night Driver Join REVV Token Ecosystem

Not everybody is a fan of F1 Delta Time, but the ecosystem Animoca Brands is building around their REVV token is quite impressive — Atari and Animoca Brands have announced that both Fatal Run and Night Driver will become part of the REVV token ecosystem. Players will be able to use the REVV token in updated versions of these racing classics and Animoca’s own licensed racing games, like for example F1 Delta Time. ▶▶▶ Read more

War of Ants Now Available on iOS

The mobile strategy game War of Ants is now available on iOS. Despite a few rejections over the past weeks, the development team managed to get the game passed Apple’s regulations. They released a beta version for Android devices back in September. ▶▶▶ Read more

The Six Dragons Now Has World Bosses

Gamers now have the opportunity to battle world bosses inside the blockchain-powered role playing game The Six Dragons. These rare creatures roam the lands and tend to be difficult to find and even harder to beat. The world bosses are one of the changes that came with the latest update. ▶▶▶ Read more

Location-based Mobile Game Crosslink Powered by IOST

Crosslink is a new location-based mobile game that uses the IOST blockchain for player-owned digital assets. The role playing game is available on iOS and Android and allows players to summon heroes and battle enemies both in the physical and virtual world. ▶▶▶ Read more

Card Game Tribal Books Announced for Wax

Game studio Wecan is bringing the trading card game Tribal Books to the Wax blockchain. They describe it as a free-to-play online digital collectible card game with non-fungible tokens. According to the press release Tribal Books is in the early stages of development, but is coming soon to the Wax blockchain. ▶▶▶ Read more

Action RPG Cede Enters Enjin Multiverse

The strategic action role playing game Cede will join the Enjin ecosystem, allowing players to earn unique digital assets through farming and combat. The game has been in active development since 2015 by indie game studio Barehand LLC. Cede is currently in the late stages of pre-production and managed to raise 13 thousand dollars through crowdfunding. ▶▶▶ Read more

Hackatao Brings Art into The Sandbox

The creative Italian duo behind the Hackatao brand is making their art into playable avatars for the virtual world of The Sandbox. Currently is not yet known which art pieces they will use, but the artists have shown off a couple of characters. Their collaboration came into existence through The Sandbox Game Makers Fund. ▶▶▶ Read more

Voxel Architects to Build Metalympics Campus

As if the Avastars Arena wasn’t enough, the team behind Voxel Architects is going to revamp the entire Metalympics Campus. Leaked footage shows huge watertanks and dressing booths among other constructions. It looks like the Avastars Arena itself remains unchanged. ▶▶▶ Read more

Nestables Closed Alpha Available for Early Adopters

The collectible game Nestables is now live in closed alpha, which means that only holders of the Founder’s Token can play the game. Aside from this non-fungible token, players will also need a character asset in their Enjin wallet. Only when these two requirements are met, gamers can jump into the game. ▶▶▶ Read more

Altitude Brings Mushroom Mania to The Sandbox

Altitude Games is working on the platforming game Mushroom Mania for in The Sandbox. The studio behind the Decentraland-game Battle Racers has joined the Sandbox GameMaker Fund. They plan to release Mushroom Mania at the launch of The Sandbox in December this year. ▶▶▶ Read more

Exclusive Chainmonsters Available to Early Backers

B-Side Games is bringing their upcoming online role playing game Chainmonsters to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with some exclusive content. Starting from October 20th backers can obtain super rare monsters, exclusive items and the first even minted edition of each Chainmon in the game. ▶▶▶ Read more

UPDATE — Play to Earn Game Festival

This week we’re happy to add another three games to our line-up for the Play to Earn Game Festival. We’re welcoming Splinterlands, Town Star and The Six Dragons to our event. I can also already tell you that every participating game will be giving away AWESOME prizes. Be sure to join the Play to Earn Community on Discord and get ready for the biggest gaming festival in the metaverse!



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