Closed Beta Soccer Manager Elite Coming Soon

Player agents, managers and shareholders wanted!

Robert Hoogendoorn
Mar 19 · 3 min read

The development team for Soccer Manager Elite has announced the closed beta for their decentralized football management game. Gamers who are interested in the game can apply for the closed beta through an application form. The team will select a limited number of approximately one hundred players, and ‘this number may be expanded as the seasons progress’.

When the closed beta for Soccer Manager Elite will start, has not been announced yet. But the invitation does suggest everything should start soon.

Soccer Manager Elite is a massively multiple online management game in which players are either share holders, managers or agents. The game uses the Xaya blockchain, which is fast, cheap and tailored for gaming.

As a manager the player needs to backing of the club’s shareholders. You can do this by buying the right players within your budget, making profits and creating a good team. The value of a club will increase when a manager is successful on the pitch, which will please the shareholders.

At the same time agents manage individual football players. Agents receive a percentage of the player’s wages, and they can manage the contracts of multiple players at once.

Structure in Soccer Manager Elite

Each club has a manager, multiple shareholders, and players have agents. Let’s say a club has five shareholders, one agent has twenty players, and there are thirty players per club. This means that in theory SM Elite allows for approximately five thousand players.

Soccer Manager Elite isn’t a fast game. League matches are played once per week and last 45 to 90 minutes, or until the blockchain has processed 90 to 180 blocks.

How do you get ownership in SM Elite?

Everything in the game is paid using SMC. Soccer Manager Coins are the in-game currency and their real-world value can fluctuate. Managers get paid in SMC, and their contracts can have all kinds of limitations or bonus structures.

Potentially, people could have a real job within this virtual world.

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