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Crazy Defense Heroes Introduces Blockchain Collectibles

Collectibles not to be used inside the game! 😲

Animoca Brands has introduced collectible cards on the Ethereum blockchain for its mobile game Crazy Defense Heroes. A registration on the blockchain proves the scarcity of these cards. However, gamers will not be able to use them in-game. These collectible cars are for collecting and trading purposes only.

Gamers have bought five legendary chests worth $100 each already. At the moment of writing players bought 11 out of 35 epic chest, valued at 50 dollars. While they acquired twenty out of sixty rare chests for 20 dollars a piece.

With a potential revenue of 3450 dollars for this initiative, it’s hard to consider these blockchain items a real revenue stream for Crazy Defense Heroes. However, Animoca Brands is keen on creating value through blockchain technology. Probably this is a test on how to tap into an existing user base with blockchain-powered items.

For this reason Crazy Defense Heroes will likely launch more collectible sets in the future. In addition the company recently launched Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes, which is a tower defense game with collectible and improvable items. However, Beast Quest doesn’t support any blockchain features just yet.

It’s worth noting that Animoca Brands already has other blockchain-powered games in its portfolio that offer collectibles with in-game usage. Take for example F1 Delta Time and the upcoming virtual world The Sandbox.

Dominant force in blockchain gaming

Animoca Brands is building, and is preparing itself to become a dominant force in blockchain gaming. It has licenses for the German football league, Formula 1, the MLB, it has acquired a head of partnership with extensive experience, and has already access to teams that have developed and published one or multiple games in recent years.

With 15 million dollars in yearly revenue, it’s difficult to name Animoca Brands a major player. But this company is putting its chess pieces into place to make its next major move. Acquisition of talented developers who already have a major user base and signing partnerships with major mainstream brands are key for bringing NFTs and blockchain games to a big audience.

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