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Ember Sword & My Neighbor Alice Virtual Land Sales Coming Soon — Play to Earn #65

While the Play to Earn Game Festival is attracting a big audience in the metaverse!

These past weeks have been a rollercoaster as I was building and creating the Play to Earn Game Festival powered by Gala Games. Now it’s amazing to see the entire event come to fruition. After three days we already beat the visitors amount of the first event, and we’re approaching the magical 10.000 slowly. This week Infinite Fleet gained some mainstream game media coverage thanks to their new trailer, while Ember Sword and My Neighbor Alice had highly anticipated news about their upcoming land sales. MotoGP launched its first NFT sale, and news about Guild of Guardians, Gods Unchained, Alien Worlds, Cometh and Aavegotchi. Enjoy! Robert Hoogendoorn

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🎉 Visit the Play to Earn Game Festival

I can’t advice you enough to visit the festival. There are so many cool games to discover, cool art to see, PLAY token airdrops to collect, raffles to join, prizes to win. All thanks to our game partners and events sponsors Gala Games, Animoca Brands, The Sandbox and Alien Worlds. Also very cool, you can now win the Play to Earn mascot: Petey. Just join the giveaway we’re doing on the third floor with The Sandbox! Visit the event here!

🌲 Ember Sword Land Sale Delayed to April

If you’ve been following Play to Earn for some time, you know I’m quite enthusiastic about Ember Sword. Even though there’s not a lot of news coming from them. Recently they announced they’d move to Polygon blockchain, and now they delayed their land sale with a few weeks. Thankfully they are also doing a land giveaway. Learn more!

🔥 Infinite Fleet Over 9000 with Robot Spaceships

Anything that tickles my love for robots and Transformers, instantly has my attention. My interest in Infinite Fleet has peaked as their latest trailer revealed that spaceships can transform into fighting bots! Important advice: go check out that trailer

🐏 Details on First Land Sale My Neighbor Alice

During the pandemic Animal Crossing was an amazing game on the Nintendo Switch that brought lots of joy to gamers worldwide. That’s why I’m interested in My Neighbor Alice, a social building multiplayer game that uses blockchain technology. Their first land sale is happening next month. However, showing up with money won’t help. You need to tap into the DeFi ecosystem!

🛒 The Sandbox Marketplace Launch Next Week

I don’t think Petey will be available on this marketplace. Probably I will see some Peteys for PLAY tokens later. However, I’m excited to see The Sandbox slowly living up to its potential with the release of their very own marketplace. Here creators can sell their NFTs for SAND, and buyers can use these items in their game creations. Discover more about The Sandbox marketplace!

More gaming headlines

🏍 MotoGP NFTs Not Selling At Premium PricePacks sold out fast

🌠 Cometh Updates Add Solar Systems and More — Out of this world!

🏰 Fortified Likely To Be Added to Gala Games Platform — Of course it will!

🐲 Guild of Guardians Founder NFTs Coming Soon — LFG Dedicated players only!

📱 Spheroid Universe Only Accepts SPH Token — Augmented reality platform

👽 Alien Worlds Got $2 Million Private Investment — in the Animoca family now!

😇 Gods Unchained Players Can Now Link With Immutable X — Layer-2 incoming!

More about collectibles and NFT art

🎨 Music Artist Diplo Dropping NFT Art Today — Lovely clouds

👻 Lil Pump Joins Gotchi Gang — Gotchi gang! Gotchi gang!

🛹 Tony Hawk To Sell Last Ollie 540 as NFT — Legend.

Quick Community Update

When the festival is over next week, I will talk to several parties to setup collaborations. At the same time I will be looking for people to help out with the Play to Earn Community. Think about Discord moderation, but also setting up events on Discord and in the metaverse. In addition I will be looking for people who want to write for the Play to Earn website. Interested? Join the Discord already.

Grab your PLAY tokens here! (limited supply, be fast) And don’t forget to share this newsletter with friends and family, who also want to learn about blockchain gaming and NFTs. This is the time to share knowledge with each other and educate, join us on Discord if you’re looking for a nice chat about all this!



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