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Gaming Revolution: Mobile Games Earn Players Money — Play to Earn #64

Crazy Kings, My Neighbor Alice, Axie Infinity, and much more NFT news!

While the world is going bananas over art, we are looking to the future: gaming. With Axie Infinity, Upland and Alien Worlds there are already solid games out there, but a lot more is coming. The best of the best in the free-to-play market will make a transition into play-to-earn, and currently Animoca Brands is experimenting with this transformation. At the same time we are preparing for the biggest virtual gaming event the metaverse has ever seen, the Play to Earn Game Festival! I’m hyped and can’t wait to have you and rest of the community walking around the festival location. There’s a play-to-earn revolution coming, players. Do you feel it? Robert Hoogendoorn

A word from our sponsor — WhaleStreet is the DeFi engine that powers NFT economics. On a massive scale. They engineered B.20, the largest ever NFT bundle, and fractionalized it into the historic B20 tokens. WhaleStreet is all about upside, so dip into their liquidity pools at WhaleStreet.XYZ for rich rewards. For more details about B20, visit B20.Metapurse.Fund.

🎪 Starting Monday: Play to Earn Game Festival

Before we really dive into this newsletter, so quick words about the Play to Earn Game Festival. The event will open its doors on Monday and lots of things will happen during the week. We published the event calendar, but also keep your eyes on our Twitter. This week we announced the presence of CryptoMotors, Synergy of Serra and there’s still more to be revealed. Yes, I’m in crunch mode at the moment. If you’re interested, write it in your agenda and check out our festival page.

🏰 Earn TOWER By Competing in Crazy Kings

Crazy Kings is one of the two mobile games by Animoca Brands that are part of the Tower Initiative. These are free-to-play games, but now for the first time players can earn money by playing them. There’s a competition happening, and everybody can earn TOWER tokens. — Read more about TOWER token

🦸‍♀️ DC Comics Wants to Dive into NFTs

DC Comics is working with Veve, formerly known as Ecomi, to bring NFT collectibles to the market. At the same time they are very aggressively battling artists, marketplaces and their own freelancers who want to issue NFT art based on characters from the DC Universe. — Read the full story

🐻 ALICE Token for My Neighbor Alice Launched

This week My Neighbor Alice launched their native ALICE token on the Binance Smart Chain. You can find the token on PancakeSwap and the Binance exchange. If you’re curious about the game, it’s a bit like Animal Crossing… but players can own land and other NFTs. — See the trailer of this cute game!

Sotheby’s Joins NFT Hype with Murat Pak Art

First Christie’s auctioned a $69.3 million artwork by Beeple, and now Sotheby’s is doing something together with Pak. — Read the full story

🦁 Ubisoft: Axie Infinity PVP ‘Big Improvement’

Axie Infinity is probably one of the best play-to-earn games on the market right now. This year the Sky Mavis team will introduce many new things, including a new battle system. They’re collaborating a bit with Ubisoft, and the French game publisher has praised the improvements. — Read what else is coming to Axie Infinity!

More Blockchain Gaming News

🐰 Nestables As Free-to-Play Demo Available to EverybodyNo updates though

👽 Alien Worlds Calling for Planet Council Members — Better then US elections?

🏰 League of Kingdoms Opened Competitive Battlefield Portal — OGs dominate

💱 Hodl God To Bring VOID Token to WaxNot leaving their economy in the void

🏙 MegaCryptoPolis World Demo Out NowYou can win something too

Collectibles and Art News

🎤 Lindsay Lohan Launching NFTs on Tron Blockchain — Everybody loves Tron

😻 Internet NFT Cats Hype with $11 Million in Trading — Cats everywhere!

🎵 Async Art Changes Tune with Async Music — Now this is cool!

🎨 Proof of Beauty Season 1 Coming Mid-April — Marked my calendar

🤡 Avastars Series 4 Launched Today — Almost sold out already

🤖 Sophia The Robot Will Auction Her Own Art NFT — Cyber art

Community update

This week we’ve seen a hack happen at TryRoll. Many social currencies have been stolen and dumped on the market, plummeting their price. Thankfully PLAY dodged a bullet there, especially considering that we just started launching our liquidity pool on Uniswap. Currently the pool is still very small. Roll doesn’t allow me to move PLAY out of the platform. When they do, we’ll be able to grow the pool on Uniswap.

We’ve been talking about $PLAY for quite some time, it’s the token we launched in November last year. You can earn $PLAY by participating in our community, creating content, and learning about play-to-earn and NFTs. I’m looking for community moderators who want to setup events and help out on Discord.

Grab your PLAY tokens here! And don’t forget to share this newsletter with friends and family, who also want to learn about blockchain gaming and NFTs. This is the time to share knowledge with each other and educate, join us on Discord if you’re looking for a nice chat about all this!



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