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Hasbro, Sega & Emily Ratajkowski Getting into NFTs — Play to Earn #70

Furthermore, we talk about Axie Infinity, Ethermon, our own PLAY token and much more interesting blockchain gaming news!

Interesting developments happen all the time in the blockchain space, but sometimes we don’t seem to appreciate these moments. Ethermon has been around for 4 years already, evolving. Axie Infinity battled through the crypto winter, and is now ready to conquer the planet. Animoca and The Sandbox reward active participants, and lots of projects are ramping up for the next steps in their development. These are exciting times, and the interest of companies like Sega and Hasbro underlines that we’re on the right track. NFTs are here to stay, and they are more than just art. We look at it from a gaming perspective most of the time, while Emily Ratajkowski is making a serious statement through her first NFT drop. This industry is so incredibly diverse. It’s crazy!
Robert Hoogendoorn

A word from our sponsor — WhaleStreet is the DeFi engine that powers NFT economics. On a massive scale. They engineered B.20, the largest ever NFT bundle, and fractionalized it into the historic B20 tokens. WhaleStreet is all about upside, so dip into their liquidity pools at WhaleStreet.XYZ for rich rewards. For more details about B20, visit B20.Metapurse.Fund.

🧙‍♂️ Hasbro Eyeing NFTs for Magic: The Gathering

Hasbro is the toy company behind Transformers, G.I. Joe & My Little Pony. However, they also own Magic the Gathering. This trading card game has been making moves in the digital realm, and now the company is moving into NFTs. They didn’t announce anything officially, but they’ve got serious plans. — Read more

Axie Infinity & The Axie Migration to Ronin

Axie Infinity is one of the biggest blockchain games on the market, especially when it comes to its play-to-earn economy. Gamers from developing countries are able to improve their quality of life by participating in the game’s economy. Earlier this year they launched their Ronin sidechain solution, and now the Axies are moving over. If you own Axies and play the game, make sure to move them over before the end of May this year. — Read more

🦔 Sega to Sell NFTs with Double Jump Tokyo

I’m not sure what Sega will do, but the fact that the company officially announced their move into the NFT segment stems me positive. Sure, their first NFTs might be a money grab. However, they might as well be experimenting. They are working with Double Jump Tokyo on this, and therefore a move into blockchain gaming is not out of question. — Read more

🤣 Emily Ratajkowski Takes Revenge with NFT

There weren’t many stories this week that made me laugh, but photo model Emily Ratajkowski sure brought a smile to my face. Richard Prince is an artist whose artworks walk the thin line of copyright infringement. He used an Instagram post by Ratajkowski, made it bigger, and sold it for thousands of dollars. Now the model herself will sell an NFT in which she poses in front of the artwork made by Prince. That’s pure copyright inception! — Read more

🐇 Ethermon Will Get District in Decentraland

Ethermon is a real O.G. project in the blockchain space. They launched in 2017 as Etheremon, a new team took over, revamped the game, and is now bringing it into the 3D virtual world of Decentraland. Ethermon will have its own play-to-earn EMON token as well. — Check it out

More Blockchain Gaming Headlines

🥇 The Sandbox Adds NFT Rewards to Liquidity Mining — a Golden Key

🗼 Animoca To Launch TOWER NFT Chest Sale — For the future!

🐉 DungeonSwap To Gamify DeFi with Table Top RPG — Interesting stuff

🍕 Five Italian Clubs Joined Sorare Fantasy Football — Your favorite club?

🛰 Infinite Fleet Adding Mechs As Unit Class — Getting more interesting

👋 Spells of Genesis Waves Book of Orbs Goodbye — Blockchain history

🌳 Mirandus Shows Forest As Blueprint for Dynamic Life — Mind blown!

🎉 Decentral Games Brings Club Amnesia Ibiza to Metaverse — Wow!

🌠 Cometh Adds New Mechanism to Spaceships — More opportunities

🚗 War Riders Eyeing May Launch on Immutable X — Adoption for scaling

👗 Genies NFT Marketplace This Summer — Celeb approved digi fashion

News about land sales

Ember Sword Releases More Info About Land Sale — Are you getting in?

👨‍🚀 Influence Selling Asteroids for Open Space Economy — Pre-sale live

👨‍🌾 My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Postponed — Not yet audited

🌍 R-Planet Second Land Sale Only for Active Players — Exclusive

Community update

Good news from It’s now possible to withdraw your PLAY tokens from their wallet to your own Metamask or other Ethereum wallet. You can find some PLAY purchases on OpenSea, and we will add more in the future. If you don’t have enough PLAY, you can claim some here, or start earning by reading news on Play to Earn Online Magazine or by becoming part of our team. Yes, I’m looking for writers, builders, community managers, and I plan to reward a mix of PLAY and stablecoins.

Starting educating people about cool play-to-earn games, and earn while doing so. It’s almost like a job, but… you know, fun!



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