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Just Getting Started: $1.5 Billion in NFTs - Play to Earn #66

Efinity, Xaya, Webaverse, Synergy of Serra, NFT sales, Esports and so much more!

The gaming community in the blockchain space is growing as more significant projects enter the space, and the user onboarding becomes easier. I’m happy to announce that the Play to Earn Game Festival had 13 thousand visits during the week. Even after the festival, the industry as a whole kept pushing forward. DappRadar reported on $1.5 BILLION in trading volume for dapps in these past three months, and then to imagine that this industry is just getting started. Xaya is expanding the reach of its blockchain service, Enjin announced plans for Efinity and Immutable X keeps signing up new partners. The gaming bull run hasn’t even started yet. Robert Hoogendoorn

A word from our sponsor — WhaleStreet is the DeFi engine that powers NFT economics. On a massive scale. They engineered B.20, the largest ever NFT bundle, and fractionalized it into the historic B20 tokens. WhaleStreet is all about upside, so dip into their liquidity pools at WhaleStreet.XYZ for rich rewards. For more details about B20, visit B20.Metapurse.Fund.

💰 NFT Sales Increased 2627% In Last 3 Months

With $1.5 billion in sales the NFT market is very small in comparison with DeFi. However, the majority of these sales happened in March. At the same time Uniswap is embracing NFTs in the V3 version of their decentralized exchange. Right now we often talk about NFTs as digital collectibles or artworks, but with the growth of gaming and the further expansion of NFTs across the industry, an NFT will be anything and everything soon. — Read more

🥇 Enjin’s Efinity Home for All NFTs

Enjin introduced the ERC-1155 protocol a couple of years ago. Their ENJ token has been at the center of this all. By the end of this year they will introduce Efinity, a blockchain solution that has its own token and embraces multiple blockchains. NFTs from every blockchain can be transferred to Efinity, and at the same time ENJ will still still play a significant role there. — Learn more about Efinity

🚀 Xaya Bringing CHI to Ethereum Next Week

Xaya has been working on a decentralized community-run blockchain for years now, supporting the development of multiple games with immutable, on-chain gameplay functionalities. Now the team is ready to expand their view, and bring their native CHI token to a wider audience. A special DeFi bridge will bring CHI to the Ethereum blockchain, and WCHI will trade on Uniswap next week. — Read more

💡 Webaverse NFTs Move to Ethereum & Polygon

You might argue that interoperability is a bit of theme in this newsletter. With Webaverse we’re again talking about the ability to use NFTs on a variety of blockchains. The virtual environment generally works on its own private sidechain, but they are now giving users the ability to move NFTs to Ethereum and soon Polygon as well. — Read more about Webaverse

🏆 Esports Platforms Turn Skill into Profits

Get good or get rekt. This week I wrote an article in which I mentioned a couple of platforms that allow gamers to pay and play, and then win and earn. These platforms don’t involve chance, only skills. You need to be good enough at the game to take home the profits, and losing is extra painful when you lose some money in the process. This is really about esports and paid competitions. — See which one you like

👑 Funko Will Combine Physicals with NFTs

For many gamers, comic book readers and other pop culture fans and Funko Pop! has become a loving brand for cute collectibles of your favorite series and characters. They are now also coming to the blockchain. — Read it all

🐵 Synergy of Serra Has Alpha Fame Rewards

Calystral are the developers behind the upcoming trading card game Synergy of Serra. They have now announced a new staking program, which will go live on Monday. But locking away your pre-purchased card crates, you earn Alpha Fame points. Users can’t trade these points, but they can redeem them for cool cosmetics or special cards. This reward program runs until the alpha test is finished. — Learn more about Alpha Fame

More gaming headlines

🤝 Gala Games Adds Support for Polygon to Ecosystem — Choice for players!

Sorare Fantasy Football Introduced Rookie Cards — But not all rookies get one…

🐰 New Design for Monster Catching MMO Chainmonsters — Looking sweet!

🤨 Ether Kingdoms Finds New Owner for 10 ETH — Revival of an old project?

🌎 Redesigned Hash Rush Looking at RUSH Coin — Improved gameplay!

🎌 Brave Frontier Heroes and More RPGs Move to Immutable X — No gas fees, all Ethereum!

Digital Collectibles and Art NFTs

💖 When Fans Form a DAO To Buy Your Art — Heartwarming story really!

🎤 The Weeknd Joins List of Celebs Aping into NFTs — Another day, another celeb

💿 $3 Million for Euler Beats Enigma Master Record NFTs — Future of music?

🏪 TokenTrove and RTFKT Join Immutable X — Immutable keeps partnering!

👾 Retro Game Collectibles with Atari Capsule Collection — Centipede and Pong

Quick Community Update

Over the weekend I will finalize the latest giveaways from the Play to Earn Game Festival. That means I can start preparing for the next event in three months. Will it be at the same location? Will I rebuild things? Options. Options. However, to me it’s clear that I will need help moving forward. People with a passion for crypto, NFTs, and gaming. Are you a builder? A designer, or write, with a passion for this field? Why not join us on Discord, start being a part of our community, start earning PLAY. You can start earning our own token by claiming it here.



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