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Just Getting Started: $1.5 Billion in NFTs - Play to Earn #66

Efinity, Xaya, Webaverse, Synergy of Serra, NFT sales, Esports and so much more!

💰 NFT Sales Increased 2627% In Last 3 Months

🥇 Enjin’s Efinity Home for All NFTs

🚀 Xaya Bringing CHI to Ethereum Next Week

💡 Webaverse NFTs Move to Ethereum & Polygon

🏆 Esports Platforms Turn Skill into Profits

👑 Funko Will Combine Physicals with NFTs

🐵 Synergy of Serra Has Alpha Fame Rewards

More gaming headlines

🤝 Gala Games Adds Support for Polygon to Ecosystem — Choice for players!

Digital Collectibles and Art NFTs

💖 When Fans Form a DAO To Buy Your Art — Heartwarming story really!

Quick Community Update

Over the weekend I will finalize the latest giveaways from the Play to Earn Game Festival. That means I can start preparing for the next event in three months. Will it be at the same location? Will I rebuild things? Options. Options. However, to me it’s clear that I will need help moving forward. People with a passion for crypto, NFTs, and gaming. Are you a builder? A designer, or write, with a passion for this field? Why not join us on Discord, start being a part of our community, start earning PLAY. You can start earning our own token by claiming it here.



Play to Earn is all about blockchain games. We write about technical developments, changes in game design, and how blockchain games change social and economic aspects within the games industry.

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Robert Hoogendoorn

Metaverse citizen, Web3 enthusiast, NFT collector. Learning about blockchain every day, sharing my knowledge and passion. Head of Content at DappRadar