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Marvel, Paypal, Atari and Metatokens — Play to Earn #25

New technology into the world of NFTs, while major brands are slowly stepping into the blockchain industry!

Marvel is dipping its toes into our open sea, Paypal could embrace crypto, while Atari is spreading its love for tokens. And what about tokenizing non-fungible tokens, giving third parties limited access to your NFTs. Cool stuff, so read it all!

Metatokenize Your Tokenized Digital Assets

Lendroid is introducing a new layer of tokenization to the world of non-fungible tokens by allowing token-holders to tokenize their NFTs. Through these so-called metatokens the owner of an asset can give another user limited access to change for example a layer in a piece of art or temporarily access to a virtual location. Metatokens allow a token-holder to tokenize one attribute of digital assets, and then create transferable NFTs out of it. ▶▶▶ Read more

Marvel Games Stepping into Blockchain

Joy Ong from Marvel Games is joining the Wax Advisory Council, and at the same time Wax will create non-fungible tokens for the Marvel Games team. However, it’s unclear whether these digital collectibles will be released to the public. Considering the partnership with trading card company Topps, we would expect Wax to create something similar with Marvel. Potentially there could be collectible cards based on movie releases or new comic books. However, Wax will make the NFTs for the Marvel Games team, which could mean they’re for in-house use only. ▶▶▶ Read more

Paypal Could Give Blockchain Gaming a Boost

Paypal could very soon embrace cryptocurrencies according to an article by Coindesk. This move could benefit blockchain gaming in a big way. Having Paypal as a payment option inside blockchain gaming apps, would make user acquisition much easier. Not only is Paypal already being used by millions of gamers worldwide, it’s also connected to a creditcard or bank account. As a result buying crypto, tokens or in-game assets would become a much smoother experience. ▶▶▶ Read more

Play to Earn Has Virtual Office in Cryptovoxels

This week I bought a plot inside Cryptovoxels. Been contemplating about this a lot and just decided to go for it. It’s just a small location, and it’s an extension of this newsletter. In the coming week I will decorate the location more. One functionality is already there though: On the wall there are direct links to our blog, while we will soon make video content available as well. Whether that will be a video version of this newsletter or unique content remains to be seen. ▶▶▶ Visit our virtual location

Other Developers Can Use Chainmonsters

B-Side Games wants other developers to tap into their Chainmonsters game. The studio will allow other developers to create games based on their assets and meta data, and if their idea is cool enough they could create a partnership. ▶▶▶ Read more

Ether Legends Launched Physical Collectible Cards

Blockchain-powered trading card game Ether Legends has launched a limited amount of physical trading cards, and some of these cards come with a QR code for the digital version as well. ▶▶▶ Read more

Blocklords Now Available in Open Beta

The grand strategy game Blocklords is now playable for everybody as it’s released in open beta. Gamers can join by signing up on the official website using their email address. ▶▶▶ Read more

Robot Cache Integrates Atari Token for Payments

Game distribution platform Robot Cache will integrate Atari Token. The gaming token from the famous video game company can be used to buy or sell digital games through the blockchain-powered platform. ▶▶▶ Read more

DLive Invites Abandoned Streamers from Mixer

As Microsoft is pulling the plug from their streaming service Mixer, and moving their audience to Facebook Gaming, DLive is trying to attract the Mixer community. Recently the biggest streamer on DLive, PewDiePie, moved back to his original platform: YouTube. ▶▶▶ Read more

Gods Unchained Warning for Sales Scams

Don’t search for cheap Gods Unchained cards on sites like Ebay or pay using services like Paypal. There are scammers out there. The creators of Gods Unchained advise people to use on-chain marketplaces instead. Also, Immutable is rolling the game back to version 0.22.2 because of instability issues. ▶▶▶ Read more

William Shatner Memorablia on Wax Blockchain

Star Trek-actor William Shatner has put some digital representations of his memorabilia on the Wax blockchain. These digital collectibles are for example behind the scenes photos of Shatner wearing a Ghostbusters costume, hugging Leonard Nimoy, the birth of his daughter and dental x-ray pictures. Each collectible has a caption written by Shatner himself. Owners of a golden card can even claim a physical memorabilia signed by the actor. ▶▶▶ Learn more

Fantasy Football Sorare Topping NFT Market

Sorare is working directly on top of the Ethereum blockchain since a few weeks. And the fantasy football game is growing. The game is now topping the charts for NFT sales volumes according to data from Nonfungibles! ▶▶▶ Read more

Ooogy Companions Now Available in 9Lives Arena

The 0.5c update for the online pvp game 9Lives Arena has introduced new mechanics into the game. Besides the Spirit Hunter and Immortal systems, players can now have an companion character. This cute little weirdo is called an Ooogy. The game is only available for those backing the closed alpha. ▶▶▶ Check it out

Digital Statues Now Also Tokenized by Superrare

Starting from today 3D digital creations can also be tokenized, and therefore we can now truly identify them as unique digital art. Leading art house Superrare announced the new feature in a blog post, and this will probably mean a lot for virtual worlds like Decentraland, Somnium Space and Cryptovoxels. Expect more statues in those digital worlds. ▶▶▶ Discover more



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