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NBA Top Shot Beta Test Warming Up

🏀 Kobe Forever!

Dapper Labs is preparing itself and their community for the beta launch of their licensed collectible game NBA Top Shot. This collectible is all about tokenized video highlights from basketball history, while it will also integrate a mobile hoops game. The beta should launch next week.

NBA Top Shot allows users to buy and own a clip for basketball history. It features highlights from modern matches and those from NBA’s greatest stars. Because ownership is stored on the blockchain, the game allows users to sell their collected items.

Players will be able to buy these tokenized highlights in a blind pack. There are different packs based on the scarcity of the items inside. Dapper Labs accepts credit card, bitcoin and ethereum as payment options.

Once players have a collection, they can showcase it. Owning certain items completes challenges. These digital collectibles will also enhance the experience of players who dive into NBA Top Shot: Hardcourt. This free-to-play game will start beta testing this summer. Register now for beta access to NBA Top Shot.

Flow, NBA Top Shot, Cryptokitties

Dapper Labs is working on a lot of projects at the moment. The studio is most famous for their Cryptokitties project, which recently collaborated with a famous Chinese designer. In addition the studio is working on their very own Flow blockchain, which will be the new home for games like Cryptokitties, NBA Top Shot and third party titles like Chainmonsters.

They announced the news about Cryptokitties coming to Flow over the weekend. The improved version will be visually more appealing, while the kitties themselves have more metadata. This means that the virtual cats are easier to use in other games. Ultimately Dapper Labs wants all the Cryptokitties collectors to move to the Flow blockchain.

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