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NFT Adoption Happening: Brands, Celebs and Solutions — Play to Earn #61

This week: Beeple, NBA Top Shot, Axie Infinity, Euler Beats, MotoGP, Mirandus & more

Even though Optimism just said that their scaling solution for Ethereum is coming in March, many development teams have been looking around for other solutions. This week we’ve seen many projects announce their moves to either Polygon or Immutable X, while even Binance Smart Chain popped up as a solution. At the same time general interest in NFTs is still increasing according to Google Trends, driven by NBA Top Shot, Celebrity interest, Beeple and major sales in the art scene. I’m not worried about the price of crypto, because adoption is happening right now! Robert Hoogendoorn

A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR — WhaleStreet are the DeFi engine that powers NFT economics. On a massive scale. They make huge currency swaps happen — or Whale Swaps as they’re called — with very small slippage costs and without crashing the system. They also engineered the largest ever NFT bundle and fractionalized it into the historic B20 tokens. WhaleStreet is all about upside, so dip into their liquidity pools for rewards, including B20. Join and follow WhaleStreet at

🎨 Beeple Artwork Sold for $6.6 Million

This week the most expensive NFT to date sold on the secondary market. Beeple’s artwork CROSSROAD sold for a baffling amount of $6.6 million, giving the seller an amazing return on his $66.666 investment from 4 months ago. Beeple is very much at the center of attention anyway, as he’s dropping 1 dollar art this weekend on MakersPlace, while also auctioning an NFT through Christie’s. — Read more

🐇 Axie Infinity Land Gameplay Competitive

Axie Infinity is now really getting started. We’ve been playing those battles for other a year and they introduced play-to-earn to money gamers worldwide. Later this year land gameplay will arrive, and it looks like things will become quite competitive! — Continue reading

🏀 LeBron NBA Top Shot NFT Sold for $208.000

At the moment NBA Top Shot is dominating the space for NFT collectibles. Basketball players are jumping in, sports commentators mention it in live commentary, while one LeBron James moment sold for $208.000. They are doing insane amounts of trading there, and Monday they had $34.8 million in just 24 hours. Yesterday there was so much demand for their latest drop, they had to postpone things. — Discover the hype

💜 Fair Crypto Art NFT Distribution with Drops

SPONSORED — As the hype surrounding NFTs is increasing, it becomes more difficult to obtain the things you actually want. Thousands of people wait in line, and in the end it comes down to who’s the fastest, lives in the right time zone or has the deepest pockets. Drops wants to change that by building their NFT drops around a raffle system, in addition they will allow users to stake their NFT or use them as collateral for loans. — Learn about NFT lending with Drops

🥊 Street Fighter NFTs $1 Million+ in Trading

Digital collectibles are hot right now. Wax has proven that once again with the launch of Street Fighter collectible cards. These NFTs were sold in packs for 24 hours, and were good for 2 million dollars in sales. In addition there has been 1 million dollars in trading in just 48 hours after. — Read more

🎧 Euler Beats Music NFT Sold for $458.000

This project got me totally hyped, even though I’m not invested. Euler Beats are on-chain generated music tracks with full commercial ownership through NFTs. From these NFTs other users can generate a maximum of 120 copies. The price increases with each copy, and those who hold one can burn it to get some money back. It’s really an interesting and intelligent concept. — Learn more

🏍 MotoGP Ignition Coming to Flow

Animoca Brands is bringing another game to the Flow blockchain. After announcing their Star Girl franchise for Flow in September last year, they are now bringing their upcoming racing game MotoGP Ignition to Flow. The game will connect with the REVV ecosystem, which would make the ecosystem work across different blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon and now Flow. The first sale will start in March. — Learn more

🎸 Players Can Create NFT Music for Mirandus

While Mirandus is still under heavy development, the game has not had any problems grabbing headlines. They’ve had $1.6 million dollar citadels, player-owned banks and now they announced the idea that the game doesn’t have music. Instead players need to become a bard, and spread music by selling NFTs. — Discover more

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