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Paypal Loves Crypto, Major Virtual Land Sales & Metaverse Developments — Play to Earn #42

This was an amazing week for the blockchain industry! 💪

The blockchain industry is getting mainstream attention once again. Paypal is finally embracing crypto, Atari is launching digital collectibles, an unique fantasy football card of Brazilian superstar Neymar sold for $28.000. That’s just a snippet of this week’s news, which also puts lots of focus on virtual land sales and new developments surrounding the metaverse. I also opened a Discord server where we can chat more about digital collectibles, NFTs, blockchain gaming and crypto art. Soon we’ll launch our own token, so be sure to stay in touch! Enjoy this newsletter!

— Robert Hoogendoorn

This month the Play to Earn Newsletter is sponsored by Connie Digital. He creates cutting edge digital media, streams in VR, drops 3D digital collectibles and shares his social currency HUE with his community. Join his digital revolution and sign up!

💰 Paypal Officially Embraces Crypto

Paypal embracing crypto has been news in the making for a couple of months, and it’s a complete turnaround from their previous stance. — Paypal has now officially entered the cryptocurrency market, allowing crypto payments and adding wallet services. Customers can buy, sell and hold bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies alongside their fiat. First their crypto services will come to the States, followed by more countries in 2021. ▶▶▶ Read more

👨‍🎓 Digital Identity More Than Just an Avatar

I wrote an in-depth article about identity in virtual space and on the blockchain, covering topics like the metaverse and the transparency of crypto wallets. — Your digital identity is more than just your avatar, because it’s something that connects all your online activity together into one passport. It’s all about bringing the concept of identity into the digital world through data and visuals. A digital identity is definitely more than just an avatar and surely tells a lot more as well. ▶▶▶ Continue reading

🤖 Blankos Block Party Founder’s Packs for Sale

Mythical Games has launched their pre-sale for the first patch of collectible characters for their upcoming party game Blankos Block Party. Seemingly without a hard cap on the supply… prices start at 25 dollars and go up to 150 dollars. ▶▶▶ Read more

Immutable X To Push Ethereum Forward

The company behind trading card games Gods Unchained is going to launch a solution that should benefit the entire ecosystem. Or, as they say it, ‘sidechains suck’, and therefore they created their own solution called Immutable X. — Australian game company Immutable will offer their scaling solution Immutable X to all developers worldwide in an effort to improve the Ethereum ecosystem. ▶▶▶ Continue reading

🚀 Web Access & Game Worlds Coming to Somnium Space

Decentraland has it, Cryptovoxels has it, and now Somnium Space will also get it: accessing virtual land through a random web browser. It’s quite a big thing, even though this functionality comes with some limitations. In addition the team is adding virtual game worlds which can be visited by going through a portal from inside Somnium Space. Very meta! I like! ▶▶▶ Read more

😻 Cryptokitties and Hackatao Create Feline Artworks

I sometimes love those collaborations that Cryptokitties does. This time they are working with Hackatao, one of the most beloved crypto artists on the market. In addition there will be a cool piece of programmable art on Async Art. They’ve called it HaCKittieZ. ▶▶▶ Check it out

👾 Atari Bringing Digital Collectibles to Wax

Wax has positioned itself as the king of NFTs, but seems to focus a lot on digital collectibles. Now they’ve partnered with Atari to bring animated box art to their blockchain. ▶▶▶ Read more

🕹 Atari Stock Surges Thanks to Upcoming Token Launch

Much more interesting news from Atari is their upcoming token launch on October 29th and the launch of the Atari VCS console. Even though the console isn’t likely to compete with the Playstation 5 in terms of market share, the console does offer something unique: a focus on blockchain gaming. The upcoming hype surrounding Atari did well for stockholders as value almost doubled. ▶▶▶ More Atari hype

🏡 Big Land Sales Ahead of Axie Governance Token

Six land parcels for the upcoming land gameplay of Axie Infinity, which once upon a time sold for 1 ETH each, have now exchanged hands for 415 ETH. That’s a total price of 165 thousand dollars. Also less favored land parcels have increased in price. The Axie Infinity community is awaiting the announcement of Axie Infinity Shards, their upcoming governance token. ▶▶▶ Read more

🏘 In-Depth Look at Splinterlands Land Presale

While we are still on the topic of virtual land, let’s take a look at Splinterlands. This trading card game is one of the most active blockchain games with around 10 thousand daily active players. They will launch a land pre-sale next month, and this virtual land comes with all kinds of gameplay benefits. Interesting stuff really, and with the news about Axie Infinity land sales in mind, it sure got me thinking.
▶▶▶ Learn more about this land sale without seeing it as investment advice

🚗 War Riders Vehicle Owners Get Garage

Player ownership is a bit of theme in this newsletter. War Riders has now taken a snapshot that will give owners of premium vehicles shared ownership over virtual garages. ▶▶▶ Read more

🐰 Chainmonsters Crushed Crowdfunding Goals

The Pokemon-inspired massively multiplayer online role playing game Chainmonsters as created a crowdfunding campaign. Within a few days they already crushed all their goals. They now got $107.589 to add all kinds of new features to the game. Good marketing, for sure. ▶▶▶ Read more

Sorare Auctions Neymar for Record Amount

Brazilian superstar football and Paris Saint Germain grass tester Neymar is now the most expensive player in the fantasy football game Sorare. His unique card sold for more than 28 thousand dollars. ▶▶▶ Read more

Three more announcements for Play to Earn Game Festival

This week I’ve announced three amazing games that have been added to the line-up of the upcoming Play to Earn Game Festival. Starting from November 2nd people can visit the festival location inside Cryptovoxels from their desktop, laptop, smartphone or through their VR headset. They can learn about these games and join in raffles to win UNIQUE digital assets with REAL WORLD VALUE.

This week’s new additions to the festival are: Blocklete Golf, Chainmonsters and Gods Unchained!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s newsletter. A special thanks to Connie Digital for sponsoring and supporting us, and please join our Discord and get ready for the community token drop for Play to Earn. We’ll gamify everything, even reading this newsletter. 😎

Once again, have a kick ass weekend!




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