Tides of Magic adds Splinterlands cards

Robert Hoogendoorn
Jan 13 · 2 min read

Gamers who own cards in the blockchain game Splinterlands will now also be able to use some of them in trading card game Tides of Magic. In total 88 monster cards from the Splinterlands sets Untamed and Promo have been included. Players will need to connect their Steem account to Tides of Magic by sharing their username and posting key.

The team behind Tides of Magic decided to keep the stats similar to the original Splinterlands cards. However, Tides of Magic doesn’t use ranged attacks. As a result ranged and melee attack power from Splinterlands have been combined into regular attack in Tides of Magic.

Splinterlands is not the first game to see its tokens being used inside Tides of Magic. In Tides of Magic there are plenty of cards unique to the game, but the team also made many partnerships. As a result there are cards based on blockchain games like FlowerPatch, Axie Infinity, MyCryptoHeroes, Etheremon, Cryptokitties, Cryptopunks, Ethercraft and probably I’m forgetting something.

Good case study for multiverse nifties

Even though Tides of Magic is not part of the Enjin multiverse, they embraced different projects into their ecosystem. For example Axie Infinity uses the Ethereum blockchain, while Splinterlands is build on Steem. On the Enjin blockchain developers use multiverse items often as a marketing campaign. However, Tides of Magic uses the technological features of non-fungible tokens as the core of its existence. Tides of Magic consists out of tokens from different gaming universes, having them collide in a digital card game. It’s an unique take that can create value to older existing projects and upcoming games.

Currently Tides of Magic is still in the alpha phase of its development. It’s very likely that the team will announce more partnerships in the coming months. It’s also very likely that cards will gain value as more people learn about digital scarcity and assets that can be used in multiple digital universes. The team is currently selling card packs.

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