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Ubisoft and Kings of Leon Entered the NFT Space — Play to Earn #62

This week: The Sandbox, copycat scams, big Enjin news, Guild of Guardians & more!

What do you think? This blockchain thing could become big one day, right? It really feels like one big rollercoaster ride. Every week there are new projects, new artists, new developments, technologies and creations. It’s amazing. If you’re hyped about play-to-earn gaming, NFT games or whatever you want to call them, keep an eye on our upcoming game festival, powered by Gala Games. This week we had a major announcement about that, while Kings of Leon, Steve Aoki and Ubisoft entered the realm of NFTs and blockchain. This is going to be a wild ride in the months to come… we are still early! Robert Hoogendoorn

A word from our sponsor — WhaleStreet is the DeFi engine that powers NFT economics. On a massive scale. They engineered B.20, the largest ever NFT bundle, and fractionalized it into the historic B20 tokens. WhaleStreet is all about upside, so dip into their liquidity pools at WhaleStreet.XYZ for rich rewards. For more details about B20, visit B20.Metapurse.Fund.

🥳 The Sandbox at Play to Earn Game Festival

I’m happy to reveal another sponsor for the Play to Earn Game Festival. The Sandbox will join us, and educate visitors about their gaming metaverse The Sandbox. They will introduce gamers into a participation economy where players earn SAND by playing, creating and contributing. Mark you agenda, the Play to Earn Game Festival takes place from March 22nd to 28th. — Read more

😠 NFT Copycats Exploding on Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain has seen tremendous growth over the past two months, especially in the DeFi sector. However, now we’re seeing copycats making their way onto the new blockchain… copying projects from Ethereum and launching them on BSC. You should be aware of this. — Learn more

🎸 New Kings of Leon Album Drops as NFT

Often people wonder when we hit real mass adoption. And I answer: “When Kings of Leon launches an NFT”. The day is now. All jokes aside, they are actually launching an NFT today. For two weeks they will sell their new album as an NFT, while there are also golden ticket NFTs that give lifetime front row seats for all their tours. — Read about it

🚀 Enjin Launches Jumpnet Before Efinity

Probably much more important, but also a lot more technical, is the announcement from Enjin. They’ve been pioneering in the blockchain space with the introduction of the ERC-1155 standard… and now they announced two blockchain solutions to deal with Ethereum’s scaling problems. No more gas fees on Jumpnet this April, while Efinity is scheduled for the end of this year. — Dive in to learn more

Ubisoft Launched Football Game Using Sorare

Ubisoft’s Innovation Lab has launched a new fantasy football game that taps into Sorare’s existing trading cards. One-Shot League covers the five final matches of Belgium’s Jupiler Pro League, and players who have eligible cards on Sorare earn a boost. — Learn and try it

🐲 Guild of Guardians Mobile Game Announced

Immutable has officially announced Guild of Guardians, a mobile action RPG that uses NFTs and runs on Immutable X. Yes, it will be play-to-earn for sure. — Read more and join

NFT Marketplace & Wearables in The Sandbox

The Sandbox is not live yet, and we’re still anticipating Season 0. However, the developers keep adding and revealing features. During the week they announced a special marketplace, and characters can wear special wearables that give them more powers. Yes, like in a role playing game. — Read more

Crypto Art & Collectibles Headlines

🎧 Steve Aoki Dropping NFT Art on Nifty Gateway — This Sunday

👻 Aavegotchi Portal NFTs Sold Out in 1 Minute — 10.000 portals sold!

💿 3LAU Sold NFT Music Albums for $11.6 Million — Pioneer.

👩‍🌾 Animoca to Add Exclusive NFT Drops to SuperFarm — NFT farming

Blockchain Gaming Headlines

🎯 Gods Unchained Players First to Try Immutable X — It’s finally happening!

🏎 F1 Delta Time To Release 200 Rare Track Segments — Tracks = passive income

🏰 Fortified Coming to Gala Games Ecosystem — Tower defense!

🐰 Chainmonsters Closed Alpha in April on Flow — Gotta catch ‘m all!

🦁 Splinterlands and Brave Collaborate on NFTs — Tournaments & BAT discounts

🛰 New on-chain Game Conquest.eth Revealed — Etherplay is back!

🧙‍♂️ First Video Footage of Mirandus at GalaCon — Loving the atmosphere

🃏 Splinterlands To Sell Discounted Land on WAX — 20% off on AtomicHub

🗺 The Sandbox Made Another Million from Land Sale — SAND for LAND

Community update

Exciting things are happening surrounding the Play to Earn brand. Of course we’ve got the festival coming up at the end of the month, which is amazing. In addition traffic to the website is growing rapidly. In the first five days of March we’ve almost exceeded the traffic from the entire month of January… which shows how much attention there is for play-to-earn blockchain gaming, crypto art and NFTs in general.

We’ve been talking about $PLAY for quite some time, it’s the token we launched in November last year. You can earn $PLAY by participating in our community, creating content, and learning about play-to-earn and NFTs. Next week we will launch our own liquidity pool for ETH-PLAY. I’m also planning to do airdrops to the biggest liquidity providers, but first just launch that thing.

Grab your PLAY tokens here! And don’t forget to share this newsletter with friends and family, who also want to learn about blockchain gaming and NFTs. This is the time to share knowledge with each other and educate, join us on Discord if you’re looking for a nice chat about all this!



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