Ubisoft jumps in blockchain-powered fantasy football

Robert Hoogendoorn
Oct 14, 2019 · 3 min read

Ubisoft is getting involved in a blockchain-powered fantasy football game with licensed players, teams and competitions. The French gaming company Ubisoft added blockchain startup Sorare to its Entrepreneur Lab’s program. This would make Sorare’s blockchain-powered fantasy football game another example of the gaming company’s ambitions into blockchain. Ubisoft will provide the blockchain startup with its expertise in technology and game design.

“Collaborating with Ubisoft allows Sorare to benefit from the expertise we have acquired over the last 30 years in technology, user experience and game design. By supporting Sorare, Ubisoft wants to empower entrepreneurs who will contribute to the creation of the entertainment of tomorrow.”

Nicolas Pouard, Blockchain Initiative Director at Ubisoft

Sorare’s fantasy football game has already been licensed by 30 football clubs and is currently in the open beta phase. The company even licensed to entire Belgian Jupiler Pro league a few months ago. The company supposedly has dozens of other major clubs waiting to join the program in the coming weeks. There are no details on Ubisoft’s financial involvement in the fantasy football game.

Sorare is building up

The fantasy football platform allows users to buy and trade crypto collectibles of football players. The system determines the value of each card in multiple ways. Firstly the values of these tokenized cards change according to their real-life performances. Secondly gamers can auction player cards. This allows prices to go up even more if there’s demand.

Gamers can make a team with five player cards and start competing to increase their card value. Good performing cards earn cryptocurrencies. In addition gamers can potentially earn new cards as well.

The gaming platform is currently still in a testing phase. A pack of five cards costs 20 euro or 0.126 ETH. On the marketplace gamers can bid on players. Currently cards cost anywhere between 1,70 euro and 166 euro.

Sorare fantasy football blockchain auction marketplace
Sorare fantasy football blockchain auction marketplace

Ubisoft open towards blockchain

Ubisoft has shown on multiple occasions that the company is interested in blockchain technology. For example the company is a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance. In addition it’s an adviser for Dapper Labs, a blockchain startup working on the next generation blockchain platform for gaming companies.

The French game publisher, best known for its Assassin’s Creed series, has many other upcoming games. For example, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Rainbow Six Quarantine and Just Dance. Ubisoft is not likely to experiemtn with these major brands.

Ubisoft always had some of its internal studios working on experimental games. For example, titles like Grow Home and Ode were highly experimental from an artistic point of view. However, with Roller Champions and Gods & Monsters the company has introduced two new IPs. Perhaps these involve some blockchain technology.

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