Maincast will cover Cryptomasters tournament on the new streaming platform, P2L.TV

Play2Live announces cryptØmasters Dota 2 tournament with a prize pool of $30,000 to be exclusively broadcast on P2L.TV on October 15–21. Coverage for the event will be provided by the top commentators and analysts of Maincast studio.

Sixteen European and CIS teams will fight for the total prize pool of $30,000. The online tournament will be held in multiple stages, with group stage to be played within the first four days followed by playoffs between the top competitors from each group for the remaining three days.

You can watch the сryptØmasters Dota 2 tournament live exclusively on the new streaming platform P2L.TV, while its coverage will be provided by the top talents of Maincast studio.

“It is not the newly emerging live streaming platforms that I am mainly interested in as a streamer, but the features they have come with as opposed to the existing platforms. I would like to explore the features that Play2Live has to offer for increased interaction between viewers and streamers. Hopefully, together with the analyst desk, we will be able to try out these possibilities first-hand.” — Ivan “Faker” Demkin, analyst desk host.

“Hosting an exclusive tournament for a newly launched platform is a cool idea. And I am glad to be a part of this event and to have a chance to test the service provided by Play2Live. I really want to see how viewers can influence the stream progress (even if this function is currently available in a limited selection of games), and how they will be able to earn tokens while watching. So, don’t miss out the tournament hosted by Play2Live — I am sure it will be a whole new experience for both streamers and viewers.” — Artur “Goblak” Kostenko, former Dota 2 pro / analyst.

Both English and Russian coverage will be provided for the tournament.

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