MVP 3.1 Platform Update & Release Notes

Hello Play2Live Community, the developer team has been hard at work on releasing new patches, bug fixes and general improvements to our MVP platform. We’re happy to announce the following updates in relation to our MVP 3.1 platform:

1.Released streamer’s description editor under the stream
2. Released chat in separate window for usage in OBS (or other streaming software)
3. Fixed production deploy mechanics
4. Fixed invitational LUC transations
5. Added default stream thumb if stream is offline
6. Fixed errors text (“non_field_errors” and others)
7. Fixed community streams display on the main page
8. Fixed feedback mechanics
9. Fixed Help & Support link opening extra windows
10. Fixed autofocus in chat after using smiles
11. Fixed “Page not found error” after proceeding with confirmation link
12. Released filters on Balance page
13. Improved chat stability and fixed socket errors
14. Released custom errors for browsers not compatible with current blockchain that is being replaced15. The filter of games on the main page is improved with a possibility to clean the filter
16. The logic of signing up and signing in changed. Force user logout
17. Only active streams with a flag “is_working” are now represented on the wewbsite. 
18. A link to the Roadmap added
19. The logic of voting on the main page changed. Now only authorized users can vote

In addition, our CTO Vladislav Arbatov sat down with NewsBTC to discuss Level Up Chain, its development and future capabilities in a brief, 20 minute discussion:

CTO Vladislav Arbatov Explains Level Up Chain

Stay tune for further developments as we work toward the launch of our Beta platform!

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