Play2Live Back-end Developer: Nikolay Baryshnikov

Nikolay, pictured here enjoying the wilderness with his girlfriend.

Play2Live is excited to introduce Nikolay Baryshnikov as our Back-end Developer! Nikolay is an experienced cyber enthusiast, building and managing projects in the digital realm for many years. We asked Nikolay about a few of his favorite hobbies and interests, apart from building the future of live streaming.

— At the age of 14 Nikolay created his first commercial web page and worked in a local network company as a Junior Engineer position.
 — Favorite games: Diablo 3, NHL, Civilisation, Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

— Favorite console: Playstation.
 — Favorite series: West World.
 — Favorite movie: King Kong 1933.
 — Favorite musician: Bon Scott.
 — Program Languages: Python, Go, JS.
 — The first programming language that Nikolay learned was Assembler.
 — During his time at university, Nikolay created, supported and sold network provider service in a campus with 200 active users.
 — At the age of 16, Nikolay set up 36 VSAT systems in the frame of the state program — making communications available for the Russian populations in distant settlements.
 — After university, Nikolay founded 12 StartUp projects and developed 94 web and software projects along and with a team.
 — Nikolay has been using *nix systems from 2009 like a home OS.
 — Nikolay is a candidate master of sports in “SAMBO” wrestling.
 — Nikolay has a specialist degree in Cyber Security

Stay tuned to Play2Live as Nikolay and the rest of the the Play2Live team work together to create the next generation of video live streaming.

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