Play2Live Data Scientist: Artsem Shekh

Artem Shekh, Data Scientist for Play2Live intensely focusing on his work.

Play2Live is excited to introduce Artsem Shekh as our Data Scientist! Artsem has years of experience in developing computer applications for a variety of use cases. We asked Artsem about a few of his favorite hobbies and interests, apart from building the future of live streaming.

Artsem says he enjoys Dota 2 “a little 2 much”

o Favorite esports team: Virtus.Pro (Dota 2).
o Favorite console: Xbox.
o Favorite series: True detective.
o Favorite movie: The Man from Earth.
o Favorite musician: My Darkest Days.
o Favorite book: Martin Eden. A novel by Jack London.

-Artsem has a diverse experience in neural networks, ranging from recognition of text and voice and ending with the recognition of a person, hands, face.

- Artsem plays the guitar, he also used to take vocal lessons. Artsem used his musical expertise to become the founder of an alternative rock band.

- Artsem played hockey from 7 to 14 years as the goalkeeper. Now, after a long break, he has started to play hockey again, in the amateur league, as a forward player.

- Artsem is an experienced C++ developer and has experience developing desktop applications for various operating systems and in data analysis using C ++.

- Artsem graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of BSU.

Stay tuned to Play2Live as Artsem and the rest of the the Play2Live team work together to create the next generation of video live streaming.

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