Play2Live Dev-ops Lead: Sergey Sevruk

Sergey, pictured above, sits and ponders the existence of life beyond ours in the universe.

Play2Live is excited to introduce Sergey Sevruk as our Dev-ops lead! Sergey is an experienced programmer, who has been the cornerstone in the development of many international projects, including tax software used in large industry. We asked Sergey about a few of his favorite hobbies and interests, apart from building the future of live streaming.

  • First computer language: gvbasic.
  • In 1991 my brother showed me gvbasic code on a ZX Spectrum replica. From that moment forward, my destiny was set in stone.

Scientific work:

  • New methods for testing the convergence of numerical series (Mathematics)
  • Methods for detection of elementary particles in particle accelerators (Physics)

Sergey’s biggest project:

The biggest project that Sergey ever worked on was ‘Deloitte TaxTip’ an international tax audit system.

“It was an amazing time in my San Francisco office. My project was related to tax systems and petabytes dates of information which would be generated and processed on the fly. It’s a cool feeling when you understand that your design and implementation is working and implemented by the USA government for tax calculation.”

Sergey’s most difficult project:
SkyWindGroup (Gambling systems).

Sergey’s interests:
Favorite movie: I like Black & White cinema from the 60's when a movie was a real work of art.
Favorite console: Dendy Cinema
Favorite Game: Battlefield series
Favorite music style: rock, edm, trap — depends on mood

Stay tuned to Play2Live as Sergey and the rest of the the Play2Live team work together to create the next generation of video live streaming.

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