Play2Live Development Update — 7/7/18

Play2Live will be using Vue.js as a front-end development tool to build out the user interface through the platform. Vue.js offers the flexibility and elegance that is required for solving the user interface applications that will be available on Through using Vue.js, the development team aims to make an incrementally adaptable system that can scale seamlessly into future features.

For intermediate server logic utilization and CEO optimization we will be using nuxt.js.

Inside the application, there is a product of our own development which provides a convenient API for using the Web connection socket within various components, pages and tabs. The application allows us to dynamically react to all the changes on the server and the blockchain without increasing the load on our backend!

Our mechanism is based on the following dependencies:

- vuex, a repository for the application state.

-, a convenient web-socket full-stack client.

- lockable storage, a library that allows using single connection to a server from multiple tabs.

Play2Live covers our JavaScript code with Unit-tests and uses the Eslint code optimizer to improve the quality and readability of the code, so that the existing code is as clear and transparent as possible for all the members of the front-end team. We decided to use a stack from Jest, Sinon, Vue-test-util for Unit testing. Code Climate controls the whole testing process.

We will continue to update you as we move forward with the development of the platform. To provide feedback, learn more about our project, or speak to someone from the team try reaching out to us on social media!

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