Play2Live Development Updates — 6/8/18

As of 6.08.2018 the Play2Live has identified and fixed certain pain points on the streaming platform. These areas of improvement have been noted by our Alpha streamers and MVP users.

We’ve released the following bug fixes and platform tweaks:

1. Updated the math model for donations.
2. Sent pending invitational LUCs.
3. Fixed CORS policy errors from CDN.
4. Minor Chat UX improvements.
5. Donations notifications updates.
6. Fixed Chat sockets timeout error.
7. Fixed unnecessary sockets in AI tasks demo.
8. Implemented blockchain balance monitoring scripts.

We would like to remind the community that the development team appreciates user feedback and works to resolve user concerns quickly and efficiently.

To submit feedback, visit our developer roadmap here:

Stay tuned for more development updates and general Play2Live news.

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