Play2Live Development Updates — 7/6/18

A team of designers with extensive experience is already working on designing the platform interface. The UX designer is constantly interacting with the product team consisting of users of various streaming platforms. The product team and the UX designer are in charge of formulating the requirements for the platform interface based on the capabilities of our platform and the needs of our users.

All these requirements are being embellished in an interactive prototype, which is redirected to the UI designer for further development after validation by the product team. The UI designer and other members of the team are working on the interface for the end users.

The team is engaged in creating a user-friendly and convenient platform interface with an appearance and style designed to help users immerse themselves in a gaming atmosphere. After that, the rendered interface is directed to the development stage.

The product team and the designers are constantly validating solutions at all stages of interface creation, from concept to final iteration and implementation on the platform. The most complex functions will be tested by end users to ensure real feedback.