Play2Live DevOps: Dmitry Kovalev

Meet Dmitry Kovalev, a member of the Play2Live Dev Ops team. Dmitry is an experienced developer with a knack for developing computer-based software. Dmitry started honing his development skills early in his career, his first programming language being Atari ST basic for the Atari ST computer.

Learn more about Dmitry with a quick Developer Close-up:

Dmitry (pictured left) maintains this facial expression while playing games.

Personal Favorites:

— Favorite esports team: None
 — Favorite console: Playstation
 — Favorite series: Silicon Valley
 — Favorite movie: Aliens
 — Favorite musician: Pink Floyd

Quick Facts:

  • Dmitry’s first job was a lab assistant at his university.
  • Dmitry played guitar in a music band when was a student.
  • Dmitry has rode snowboards for 4000+ meters mountains in the Himalayas.
  • Dmitry has been using *nix systems since 1996.

Stay tuned to Play2Live as Dmitry and the rest of the the Play2Live team work together to create the next generation of video live streaming.

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