Play2Live Front-End Developer: Andry Kochergin

Play2Live is excited to introduce Andrey Kochergin as a front-end developer being one of the final pieces to our development team! We asked Andrey to share a little bit about himself as well as his hobbies and interests, apart from building the future of live streaming.

  • As a kid Andrey loved to play online games. When he was 14 years old, he created a gaming server “RF Online” that held daily traffic of 300–1000 people for a period of 8 months. During this time, Andrey began to learn java and web-development.
  • At 16 Andrey became fond of creating web apps and working with UI and UX.
  • Andrey developed his first project (a system that would look for sports coaches) on Clojure and ClojureScript.
  • In March 2017 Andrey worked for the Golos project, his first experience working with blockchain technology.
  • Currently Andrey doesn’t have much time to play games, but when he does, he prefers games like Uncharted, Detroit, etc.
  • Andrey likes to read psychological books.
  • Andrey is a Candidate Master of Sports in swimming.

Stay tuned to Play2Live as Andrey and the rest of the the Play2Live team work together to create the next generation of video live streaming.

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