Play2Live Head of Product: Kirill Akimkin

Play2Live is proud to announce the newest edition to our team, please welcome Kirill Akimkin. Kirill will act as the head of product for Play2Live and will be responsible for assisting in the development and testing of the Play2Live streaming platform moving forward.

Kirill Akimkin introduces himself in a brief video.

One of the most important tasks that Kirill will tackle is the development of a straightforward and user friendly payment system that will allow users to participate in the Play2Live platform by purchasing Level Up Coin. Kirill has years of experience tackling similar project. In his past Kirill was head of product for a company that specializes in creating products, services and turn-key solutions for online video broadcasting.

We’re happy to have Kirill on board and look forward to the experience, leadership and expertise he will offer to the Play2Live team.