Play2Live Launches Level Up Chain Testnet

The Play2Live Development Team has announced the start of the first stages of testing for its blockchain infrastructure ‘Level Up Chain’. During Level Up Chain’s early phases, Play2Live engineers will test the ability of the blockchain infrastructure to withstand a high number of transactions.

The main task of the technicians during the alpha phase is to check the system’s ability to withstand a high level of transactions without damaging overall network stability. According to the company’s Chief Technical Officer, Vladislav Arbatov, the LUC blockchain should handle up to 10,000 operations per second. Play2Live expects to accommodate up to or over those 10,000 transactions per second during its Beta release come August.

Arbatov says that nodes will be used to foster possible off-chain transactions to accommodate for the network stability of the Level Up Chain testnet during times of heavy transaction loads. The node is an analogue of the torrent client, downloading the blockchain, which is constantly updated. Nodes only process parts of the transnational load of the overall blockchain, these limited transaction cases will be analyzed by Play2Live’s technicians to assure stability.

Vladislav Arbatov, CTO for Play2Live, commented on the process:

The most important thing for us is to check whether the system can withstand many transactions. We want to find out if the system will display the data correctly and quickly. Our initial plan is to launch the nodes. With their help, we will carry out selective operations that users could perform on the platform. Then we will check all possible types of transactions, fix the financial parameters of the blockchain and make any necessary adjustments.

Vladislav adamantly speaks about how Play2Live computer engineers have been developing a powerful blockchain infrastructure that can support up to 10,000 operations per second. The prosperity of a new emerging high TPS blockchain network is exciting news for the cryptocurrency community and is catching the eye of certain banks in the traditional sector of the economy as well. Commenting on the need to increase the capacity of Level Up Chain, Vladislav Arbatov noted that if the system has high transactional speed, it should satisfy the needs of the Play2Live userbase.

Vladislav stated:

The shortcomings in today’s financial system have pushed many people into cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. When processing transactions with cryptocurrencies, it is important that they are very fast. But for us, speed is especially important, because we integrate into our blockchain system Interactive Tasks for Streams Based on Neural Networks. This will provide new level of interaction between platform users and establish economy for the LUC (Level Up Coin) token — the sole means of payment within P2L

In June, Play2Live tested algorithms for real-time monitoring of video streaming, recognition of objects and other video content based on neural networks. These may allow for users to set interactive tasks for streams and monitor if the tasks were accomplished. Any user would be able to support these tasks with LUC or assign their own tasks. A streamer can choose to perform all the tasks and receive all the tokens or perform some of them and receive less. In case of successfully completing a task, a streamer would receive a reward equal to the price of the task, and in case of a failure all the tokens would be returned to the submitter.

The final check of the financial parameters of the Level Up Chain testnet should wrap up in mid-August. Play2Live will release its Beta platform after the completion of the Level Up Chain testnet primary alpha test phase, which should be in mid-August as well. Users will be able to start beta-testing Play2Live and will be able to offer feedback to the team as they work on the first version of the final release. More information about the beta launch will be available later through Play2Live social media.

Stay tuned as we work toward continuing to develop the Play2Live streaming website and Level Up Chain blockchain infrastructure.

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