Play2Live: development updates 04/12/17

We would like to share with you information about the changes we have made to our streaming platform since the demo release:

· We have set up a blockchain node (remainder: we develop our blockchain on the basis of Bitshares 2.0 technology).

·We have rewritten about 60% of the platform code to make it more resistant to the high loads.

·We have altered the architecture of the project (three separate servers have been set up: for API, chat, and system of statics. In total, three servers to sustain the anticipated peak loads).

·We have written from scratch the code of the chat based on Tornado technology (which has the speed comparable to node.js framework).

·We have written our own load testing scenarios based on Python without using DevOps (we used a special framework for load testing —

·We have improved the code to provide the increased capacity of the servers (from 400 people to 3000 people per server)

·We have identified a bottleneck in the system of load distribution in the blockchain, which was related to the token generation for the users. A queue system has been established to account for high loads on the blockchain network (exceeding 1000 registrations per second).

·Three powerful servers have been acquired, which provides 20,000 connections and more than 5,000 RPS

·We have added a feature of using a mobile phone for registration.

·Most of the code has been aligned with the user interface.

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