Play2Live: from MVP to the full product release

We have been regularly asked about our platform development plan. This brief article provides a high level vision of the development process from conceptualization to full product release.

Stage1 (Conceptualization and inception of the development process) — Q3 2017

This is the starting point of the development process, which gave birth to the idea of linking eSports streaming to disruptive blockchain force. We initiated the development of blockchain fork along with the project architecture.

Stage 2 (MVP release) — Q4 2017

We have scheduled the release of the Minimum Viable Product on the 20th November. The version will feature streaming core and chat. By the start of the pre-sale in December we will release the version with a totalizator functioning on Bitshares blockchain. This is where we start an extensive promotion featuring a campaign for the streamers.

By the start of the token sale in January, we plan to organize an eSports tournament broadcast and implement one more feature. Which one — a matter of discussion now. But this is expected to be promising as our team has a very deep expertise in eSports and we anticipate to attract first streamers to the platform effortlessly.

Stage 3 (Alpha version) — Q2 2018

Another three-four features are introduced to the platform. We have conceptualized organizing a comprehensive eSports tournament with offline final rounds at the stadium by that time. The platform gains wider adoption and users start to migrate from the existing streaming platforms albeit at a moderate rate.

Stage 4 (Beta version) — Q3 2018

60% of the features outlined in the Whitepaper are implemented. The economic model finally starts to function. We start to eliminate LUC from the revenue of the platform. Internal gateway and Operations fund are readily available.

Further stages

All remaining features (40%) will be implemented further in the course of 1–2 quarters. Here we begin an active marketing promotion and purchasing of the rights to broadcast top eSports and streaming content.

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