Introducing: The Artie Task Force!

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It’s poppin’!

Attention all Artiezens! The Artie Task Force (ATF), led by Granny 512, is now openly recruiting new members. Thanks to the incredible efforts of Discord members who helped free Granny from the dark dimension she’s now back in her rocking chair strategizing the next big move of the organization. So, Granny’s putting out a call to brave souls willing to join the organization and complete missions to help further the cause.

As a member of the Artie Task Force, you’ll embark on thrilling IRL and in-game missions, designed to challenge your skills and engage your creativity. Earn points by taking part in the community and completing these missions, with point values based on their difficulty and rarity.

The Backstory: What is the Artie Task Force?

Once upon a time, in the chaotic world of Artie, a land riddled with chaos and countless bizarre inhabitants, two groups emerged to dominate the scene: the Chocotoys and the Junkyards. The Chocotoys were all about that party life, living it up with their boomboxes, laser guns, and radioactive cheese fries. They held dominion over the groovy places like the Disco Tech, Zenpire Records, and Mount Fetch. On the other hand, the Junkyards were goth, vampiric, and menacing, lurking in the shadows of places like the Museum of Cannibalism, Blood Falls, and Dishwater Park.

The leader of the Chocotoys was the charismatic Bosspaw, a conniving mastermind who could sell sawdust to a lumber mill. He led his ragtag crew of misfits, including the dreamy Dreamdust, the stoned jokester Wrocky, and the lovable retired hitman Unicorn, among others. Together, they defended their turf and their love for all things bright and loud.

The Junkyards were led by the terrifying Back Stabba, a trickster who reveled in confusion and paranoia. His crew consisted of the bloodthirsty Needles, the mischievous Slyquil, the destructive Lil’ Oozy, and more. They thrived on spreading chaos and fear throughout the world of Artie.

One fateful day, a mission presented itself: to uncover the secret of the Shadow World of Artie. Both groups were eager to claim this knowledge for themselves, and so the conflict began.

The Chocotoys, with their powerful arsenal of weapons like the lava bazooka, electrobow and arrow, and the pickle cannon, fought fiercely against the Junkyards and their own array of weapons like the laser gun, flea bomb, and killshot scrunchie.

Amidst this chaos, a new force emerged with a mission to unify the groups and stop the shadow realm from corrupting all dimensions: the Artie Task Force. Led by Granny 512 and driven by the desire to restore balance, a group of Artiezens rose up to combat the spreading shadows, and it is seeking new members from all corners of the realms to join — including yours.

The Artie Task Force Badge.

How to Join the Artie Task Force

Becoming an Artie Task Force member is simple! Just follow these steps:

  • Head to the #self-assign-roles channel in Discord
  • Select the Artie Task Force role
  • Once you’ve joined the program, you’ll receive a special Artie Task Force badge next to your name on our Discord server, showcasing your prestigious membership status and access to the special Artie Task Force area in Discord
  • Browse available channels and read directions on how to complete missions
  • BOOM, that’s it! Embark on missions and start collecting points!

The more points you accumulate, the more you’ll be able to redeem for rewards, including:

  • Exclusive S1 and S2 Artie collectibles
  • Cash prizes to fuel your passion for Artie
  • Special IRL items and more!

Keep your eyes peeled and ears open, squad. There’ll be more to come and updates to the mission board on a regular basis in the Discord channel.

Discord Link Here!



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