Unveiling the Season 2 Artiefact: Granny’s Heirloom Diamond Necklace!

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Hey there, Artiezens!

We have fantastic news for those of you who managed to score a special Granny’s Heirloom Artiefact necklace in your Season 2 Artie drop! You are now eligible to redeem an ultra-rare, limited edition IRL DIAMOND NECKLACE! Yup, it’s time to flex your glitzy Mini-Granny Disk, iced out with Moissanite diamonds.

Only 20 Artiefacts are up for grabs, limited to Season 2 Arties only! Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to find and obtain these rare Arties in the future!

Key Considerations Before Redeeming Your IRL Artiefact

  • You must own an Artie with the Artiefact trait to unlock this offer, so if you don’t have one, make sure to search for one that’s available and get yours before proceeding. If you run into any problems, double-check your wallet or hit us up on Discord or any of our social channels for help.
  • Each necklace can be redeemed for the IRL Artiefact once; future owners of a redeemed Artie with the Artiefact trait will not be eligible to claim the IRL item.
  • Please note that we cannot ship to specific countries for various reasons. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and encourage you to get in touch with us for further details.
To confirm if your Artie has an Artiefact, examine your Season 2 characters for Granny’s Heirloom necklace or check the traits on OpenSea. For extra certainty, visit our webpage for verification.

Ready to redeem?

Click the link below and head over to our redemption page to confirm your eligibility and get Granny’s blessing.

Redeem Here!

Once you’ve confirmed you’re a legit Granny’s Heirloom Artiefact necklace holder, drop your shipping deets and sign a message using your connected wallet. Then just sit back and relax — we’ll handle the rest! You’ll get an email with the shipping info once your necklace is on its way.

Happy redeeming! We’re stoked to see you flex your new bling!



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