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Pandemic Pits: A Love Story

How I learned to let it grow

Photo by Maryia Plashchynskaya at Pexels

W e were very young when we first met. I was eleven, maybe twelve. It seemed they had only just entered the world. Back then, I was enamored by their delicate, sprouting innocence — almost translucent in their infancy. They made me feel that I was truly becoming a woman, an entity with broiling passions and urges I didn’t understand. I often found my fingers weaving…



Playback Memoirs is where you publish stories that make you say, “Did that really happen?” We love hearing all the painfully true stories that you would probably rather keep to yourself!

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Dakota Morlan

News editor and independent journalist from the land of bullfrogs, cattle and cannabis. To read more, visit and subscribe. @DakotaNMorlan