Game Update: Patch Notes v0.23

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6 min readNov 10, 2022


Here are all the new updates coming in patch v0.23

** NOTE: Due to the game’s progression flow changing significantly, Player Data will be wiped as part of this release **


  • Several new boss fights have been added to the game. More variety has been added to boss arenas game wide, but be sure to explore higher level dungeons for even more exciting boss fights which only appear at higher levels.
  • Skill tree progression has been reworked. Various branches of all trees are now locked behind branches which must be unlocked with the help of a trainer
  • New Shadow Blade ability — Explosive Kunai: a fast projectile that deals AoE fire damage
  • New Shadow Blade ability — Ignition Powder Grenade, a shadow blade ability that coats targets in a flammable powder in a short AoE in front of the caster, reducing fire resistance. The next instance of magical fire damage that the target takes removes this effect after the damage is applied
  • New Chronomancer ability — Meteor Shower
  • Footstep sound and visual effects will now accurately reflect the material players and AI are stepping on
  • Time Bubble will now affect enemies entering it after cast as well as initially overlapping enemies
  • Gathering flowers and killing fauna will occasionally lead to some added excitement and surprises
  • Targeting reticles have been fixed to behave consistently with one another (including Shuriken Fan)
  • Mining quest objectives have been reworked somewhat to spawn in mineable rocks that need to be tracked down
  • Rest can now optionally be activated via a keybind as well as a hotbar bind
  • Backstab will now “lock on” to the target of backstab to make the ability a bit more reliable


  • Jumping will now cancel abilities that are canceled by movement
  • 2H sword R2 attack has been adjusted to land more easily
  • Required points for Mighty Trial have been tweaked
  • Fixer gate buffs now improve with level of the ability
  • Various abilities will now deal damage between a min/max range
  • Various boss and mini-boss enemies are now immune to devolve
  • Smite radius has been decreased somewhat
  • Various fixer heal abilities now increase threat when cast
  • Shadow mark duration now increases with upgrade level
  • Full heal energy cost has been increased
  • Heal beam now does more healing the further from the target, as originally intended
  • Telegraph timing for Ancient Monitor temporal prison ability has been tuned to be a bit more forgiving


  • Fixed issues with AI getting stuck when trying to play victory celebrations upon knocking a player down (oh the irony)
  • Fixed issues with AI not attacking at short range in cases they should have
  • Ancient Monitors have some new tricks up their sleeve
  • Fixed some cases where AI would slide sideways
  • Added healer enemy types to various enemy races


  • Many visual improvements to forest dungeons and desert dungeons
  • Ancient Monitor visual appearance has been improved
  • Various holiday seasonal touches have been added to Time’s End


  • Energy ball VFX will now scale to match increasing damage
  • Canister impact VFX have been improved
  • VFX for Mega Clockie have been improved
  • Various explosions will now leave fire decals behind on surfaces where they explode
  • VFX for Shadow Blast have been improved
  • VFX for plasma thrower heavy cyber pirate have been added
  • VFX for Shuriken fan have been improved
  • VFX for sprinting to a stop have been improved
  • VFX for Small Che sword attack have been improved
  • VFX for Small Che have been added
  • VFX for Meteor Shower have been improved
  • VFX for Smite ability have been improved
  • VFX for blinding flash have been improved
  • VFX for overling projectiles have been added


  • Fixed collision issues on ramps in ice caves
  • “Rising ruins” encounter added to some forest dungeons
  • Paths in overworld have been updated to be a bit more obvious
  • New players will now spawn into the overworld on a special peninsula built for first time users


  • New Adventure Summary screen added which appears at the end of a dungeon that will summarize damage dealt, loot received, and other significant events along the way
  • Fixed issues with multiple party notifications appearing for one action
  • Sorting inventory UX has been improved. Clicking ‘sort’ will now actually move items around within their slots
  • Global chat will no longer play a sound when received (party chat will still play a sound)
  • Item tier is now visible on item icons in the inventory
  • Mega Clockie name plate locations have been tweaked above their heads to be more visible
  • Shadow blade ability icons have been updated
  • In world locational hint icons have been updated
  • Fixed long pocket watch names escaping the ui element
  • Fixed emote wheel appearing when inventory is open
  • Added buy-in-bulk shortcut on vendors
  • Fixed issues with inventory stack splitting
  • Damage that is absorbed due to invulnerability or other status effect will now display “IMMUNE” above the player’s head
  • Skill tree and modifier display has been improved
  • Many new icons for unlockable abilities, and ailments have been added
  • Party members will now receive notifications when anyone in their party loots a digital collectible, even if they’re not in the same zone
  • Enemy health bar UI widget has been improved
  • Players can now see green floating text when healing or being healed indicating how much health was recovered


  • Fixer hammer SFX have been improved
  • Vendroid SFX for buying and selling items have been improved
  • Vendroids now have some voice over when they are interacted with
  • New music has been added to several areas of the overworld, as well as dungeons and boss fights
  • SFX and VFX added when players land after jumping
  • Many Mega Clockie SFX have been added and improved
  • Ambient Seashore environment sounds have been added
  • Time bubble SFX have been added when enemies enter the bubble
  • Big and Small Che have had significant SFX improvements
  • New SFX for meteor shower ability have been added
  • Foley SFX for Clockies have been improved
  • T-Rex have had significant SFX improvements
  • Firewave ability have had SFX improved
  • Gastropod SFX have been improved
  • Dual Wield weapons have had their SFX improved
  • Player Foley SFX have been improved
  • A new audio mix system has been setup to make actions by the player more apparent
  • New SFX have been added to mines when they are being harvested
  • SFX for Ancient Monitor have been improved
  • Tank bugs have had their SFX improved


  • Fixed issues with healing drones allowing them to take damage in cases it was not intended
  • Reset skill and stat point shrines have been improved to more reliably restore points even if skill trees have been changed
  • Fixed some cases causing Fauna not to spawn in some cases when they should have been
  • Soul Drain and Mighty Trial will now respawn enemies in some circumstances
  • Healing aura visual radius now matches actual radius
  • Players will no longer hear sounds when other players pick up loot
  • Many issues with gear meshes interpenetrating one another have been fixed
  • Fixed respawn shrines sometimes failing to respawn players when used
  • Fixed being able to cancel various knockdowns by emoting
  • Fixed knockdowns playing the wrong animation in some cases
  • Fixed cases where player portraits showed players as dead when they were not
  • Fixed dead players not being revived when dungeons are complete as intended
  • Fixed certain animations (eg ninja leap) causing players to fly into the air when activated in specific scenarios
  • Fixed issue causing red outlines to appear around players and AI unintentionally
  • Fixed rank on party HUD not updating in some circumstances
  • Fixed issues with corrupted keystone spawn locations
  • Fixed issues with with player visual material modifiers (ie invisibility) sticking on permanently in some situations
  • Fixed players always spawning in the exact same place when returning to overworld from a “ticket to town”



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