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Patch notes

Version 0.24


  • New Major Gameplay system added
    Personal Metaverse:
    Unlocked on the passive skill tree, players now have access to an ability which will open a portal to their own Personal Metaverse. Here players can access their personal stash, and place SPACE they own to configure their Personal Metaverse however they see fit. Dozens of new Decoration items have been added to the game as well. These can be placed in your Personal Metaverse or sold on Open Loot.
  • New Major Gameplay system added
    Weapon Slotting:
    Players can now collect components throughout the world and bring them to their Personal Metaverse for their helpful Weapon Gem Robot to create gems that can be socketed into Weapons. Weapon Gems all provide “heavy attack” ability activations and stat bonuses. Players can use this system to customize their weapons and improve their weapon builds. As part of this new feature, weapons now accrue experience and level up to unlock more weapon gem slots.
  • New Major Gameplay system added
    Public Events:
    Portals in the overworld will now open periodically (about once a day) that allow players to have access to a new 30 player public event experience. This event is meant to be challenging, but rewarding and require several parties to complete
  • Soul Drain has been reworked to provide a less frustrating experience. Drains now move gradually through the level (often into enemy encounters) and will respawn AI if none are around
  • Corrupted Portal quest has been reworked to be less frustrating and avoid unintended difficulties present in previous builds
  • Mining quest has been removed from the game for the moment
  • Disarming bombs quest and activating switches now have a few new surprises in store
  • Dodging or moving during an emote will now cancel the emote
  • New quest type added: Dimensional Rift
  • New ability added to the game: Orbital Strike
  • Added the ability to bind dodge to different keys other than double tapping directional keys
  • Hotkey support to open Inventory, skill tree, and cosmetics screen have been added


  • Portals are no longer enter-able when enemies are nearby
  • Tree of life bonuses no longer stack
  • Tree of life will no longer heal/regen energy when enemies are within the Tree’s ring of influence
  • A visual indicator of where respawns will occur is now present in Elemental Boss fights
  • You can no longer throw quest switches when enemies are nearby
  • Sweep the leg can no longer be cast mid-air
  • Fixed Hew and Kick doing more damage than intended
  • Backstab will now track its intended target automatically to make the skill a bit easier to land
  • Larger enemies now provide more points for Might Trial quest objective
  • Players can no longer ninja leap to avoid fall damage
  • Shield block will now prevent most hit reactions
  • Arcane storm radius now increased with upgrade level
  • Ninja traps now get increased activation radius with upgrade level


  • Some Commbots will now wander around the overworld instead of remaining stationary
  • Added support for ballistic projectiles. Several turrets and AI types now fire arced (ballistic) projectiles to hit their targets
  • New AI type added to the game: Cyber Pirate Brawler — big fists pack quite a wallop!
  • New AI type added: Overling Smasher
  • New AI type added: Big Cyber pirate Plasma Gunner
  • New AI type added: Flying Clockie Reaper
  • New AI type added: Rocket launcher Clockie
  • Player footsteps now make sound which can alert the AI to the player’s presence
  • Fixed several instances of AI projectiles spawning from the opposite hand than they were meant to
  • Tank Bugs now have a new “expanding ring” ability added to their arsenal
  • New variant of AI added labeled “accurate”


  • T-Rex has had many animation issues fixed
  • Many issues causing enemies appear to “foot slide” have been fixed game wide
  • Fixed issues with Tank Bug charge attacks
  • Several healer AI types now have a specific heal animation they play when casting their heal ability


  • Game wide post process has been improved to fix things being a bit less colorful than intended


  • VFX for Lord of the Dead have been improved
  • VFX for Elemental Boss attack “Fire Rain” have been improved
  • VFX added for elemental boss orb explosions
  • VFX for Unstoppable Shout have been improved
  • VFX for Summon Party Potion have been improved
  • VFX for ShadowMark have been improved
  • VFX for Fireball have been improved
  • VFX for Flying Clockie projectiles have been improved
  • VFX for players being revived by potions have been added
  • VFX for Tank Bug Artillery projectiles have been improved
  • VFX for Overling Shredder whirlwind attack have been improved
  • VFX for Overling Grenadier projectile added
  • VFX for flying drone bug have been improved
  • VFX for tank bug charge have been improved
  • VFX for Sap have been improved
  • VFX for Arcane storm have been improved
  • Fixed screen distortion on overling grenade not following the projectile as intended
  • Aura radii now match the effective radius of various enemy auras


  • Dungeon length has been reduced game wide
  • New procedural dungeon added: Meadow
    This dungeon a new type of adventure that is much more open and less linear
  • Fixed issues with trees in forest dungeons blocking players unintentionally
  • Some areas in overworld that did not appear on the minimap have been fixed to do so
  • Fixes some “floating geometry” issues in Rotating Rings boss fight
  • Elemental Boss Fight can now occur in more dungeon types
  • Several new types of tiles have been added to the Syphon dungeon
  • Fixed some cases of quest objects spawning in walls
  • Fixed collision issues in various cliff geometry throughout the game


  • UI for party invite and accepting invites has been improved
  • Connection screen has been redesigned
  • Emote wheel UI now more accurately depicts cooldown duration
  • Many improvements have been made to stat and ability display to make their affects more clear
  • Bag Inventory UI has been improved
  • Fixed some elemental boss UI elements not hiding when players had hide UI settings active
  • Scrolling in the inventory has been improved to be smoother
  • Players can now re-open the Adventure Summary screen from the escape menu if they wish to open it again after it pops up on its own
  • Various vendors in the overworld have been given unique Icons
  • NPC Dialog UI buttons can now be accessed via keyboard shortcuts visible on-screen
  • Button hints for minimap zoom have been added to the HUD
  • Chat is now visible on the HUD at all times to improve chat usability. Tabs with new messages will be highlighted to show new messages await you there
  • Added a setting to disable motion blur
  • Many status effects with missing our placeholder UI icons have been fixed
  • Many localization fixes and improvements


  • Several optimizations have been made to improve server performance in high player count situations such as the Public Events
  • Client side rendering performance has been improved in scenes with many players on screen at once


  • Big Cyber Pirates have undergone a sound improvement pass
  • Regular Cyber Pirates have undergone a sound improvement pass
  • Overlings have undergone a sound improvement pass
  • Rotating rings boss fight now has its own music
  • Desert dungeons now have their own music
  • Clockie Robots have had a sound pass and many audio improvements therein
  • Underlings have undergone a sound improvement pass
  • Dynamic Weather in forest dungeons will now have corresponding audio to match (ie rain sounds for the rainy weather)
  • Many new footstep sounds have been added for various AI types
  • New Music added to forest dungeons
  • Unstoppable shout audio has been improved
  • Refreshing grenade audio has been improved
  • Fixer Medball audio has been improved
  • Audio for summon decoy has been improved
  • Audio for reviving teammates has been added
  • Ambient sound on Shrines has been improved


  • Fixed several instances throughout the game where players could get out of the environment
  • Fixed player dropped loot sometimes appearing above the ceiling in low ceiling situations
  • Fixed issues with the loading screen staying on longer than it needed to
  • Fix Gastropods being flung into the air on death
  • Fixed issues causing boss loot chests at the be the wrong level
  • Vendors will no longer buy things at different prices when items are dragged into “always here” vs “what others have sold to me” inventory panels
  • Fixed issues related to binding actions to multiple keys
  • Fixed hiding the minimap also hiding gold HUD element
  • Fixed some destructible objects in game not being affected by AoE spells
  • Fixed Time Bubble also slowing the caster when enemy targets were slowed
  • Fixed major fireball damage not scaling up with charge amount as intended
  • Fixed a rare bug that could case player’s rank to be reset back to 0
  • Fixed upgraded aspects of Glacial Entombment lasting forever when cast on an enemy
  • Fixed lots of AI types being considered lieutenants that should not have been
  • Fixed cases of “phantom” minimap and in-world quest waypoints



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