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Note! Due to changes in inventory data layout, and early progression rework player data will be reset for this patch

Version 0.27 (Hotfix 1)


  • Fix missing Health bar for Questline Bosses and Mini-Bosses
  • Fix some new abilities not dropping as often as they should
  • Fix Mage Staff Icons having incorrect icons
  • Fix Potion prices being too low for higher-tier potions
  • Fix Water Town Outpost having incorrect random scaling for the vendors there
  • Fix some mobs T-Posing
  • Fix Weapon Damage when you hit multiple enemies in a row being too low
  • Increase the number of mobs that can drop some of the higher-end gem-crafting Reagents
  • Fix the spelling of Essence
  • Big Che complained to his union about being underpowered (underfed?); they fed him better and now he is a bit beefier
  • Fix exploding barrels not spawning

Version 0.27 Special Thanks

We’d like to give a special callout to all our Player Council members who have been supporting the game team during the testing of this patch. Their dedication and feedback make the game better, and we owe them our gratitude!

In particular, we’d like to mention a few members who went above and beyond during this process:
Morkai, Sect0r, Strepi, DibbukTime, LocoColo, Slurpy, Mrki, Razael, Benhindlegs, Yake, Jabroni, Boyhustler, Thundarr, Mories, DSTRUKT, Ghazzawi, Yake, Nautics, Quique, and BigYield.

Many thanks from the Big Time Team to all of you!



  • New Quest Line “A Temporal Anomaly”. Unravel Benjamin Franklin’s enigmatic mysteries and navigate through time’s distortion. The fate of a fractured timeline awaits your discerning actions.
  • Chapter 1: Time Distortions
  • Chapter 2: Resonance Cascade

More chapters to come in future patches

· New boss encounters with custom attack patterns and challenges

New Warrior Abilities:

· Barbaric Yawp — boost the morale of your allies by shouting encouragement. Ally damage output will increase temporarily

· Piercing Cry — go on the offensive and deal some damage to enemies in front of you with the power of your voice. Affected enemies will now be more likely to come after you, too

· Threatening Roar — deal some damage, stun some foes, and temporarily lower their ability to avoid damage.

New Chronomancer Abilities:

· Ice Shield — apply a temporary counter spell for yourself and allies in-range that will deal ice damage back at targets that deal it to you

· Conversion — take a chunk of your health and give it to an ally in need

New Fixer Abilities:

· Frag Grenade — time to deal some damage! Fixer’s have modified their drones to become explosive devices

· Anti-Shielding Grenade — much like the standard Frag Grenade, this device deals damage to base health (if no other layers are present, but does a great amount of damage to any Shields encountered

· Anti-Barrier Grenade — deals great damage to magic Barriers and then health once all defensive layers are removed

· Super Fun Ball — Skip this grenade into battle and get multiple blasts of damage with each bounce along the way to final detonation

New Shadowblade Abilities:

· Wind Kick — deal damage near and far with the force of your kicks that project damage at distant targets

· Windstorm Kick — Leap in the air and produce 3 aimed and projected arcs that will slice through enemies at a distance

New Battlemancer Abilities:

· Rain of Swords — rain down destruction upon your foes with magical greatswords that descend from the heavens

· Aura of Recovery — While active, friendlies in the area will regain some Energy for each bit of melee damage they land on an enemy

New Techblade Abilities:

· Counter Shade — surrounded oneself with Shadow and deal a bit of damage back to enemies that dare to strike you

  • New objective: Bastion Annexation. Benjamin Franklin has requested your aid in the annexation of strategically placed strongholds. Are you up to the task?
  • New objective: Quantic Convergence. Erwin has recruited your support in order to power up his “Entanglers”.
  • New objective: Unfed Pendulum. You must reactivate and feed the Chronographer in order to re-establish timeline continuums.
  • All existing objectives have been reworked and balanced based on community feedback.
  • All existing objectives now support having multiple instances of their associated gameplay element
  • New gameplay ingredient: Effigies. Destroy these dangerous monoliths should you come across them!
  • The Elemental Monitor encounter has been reworked based on community feedback.
  • Possessed Chest has been reworked to activate a randomly pooled objective upon its opening (more to come in future patches.). Possessed Chest is no more: long live Demon Chest!
  • The Training Grounds quest flow has been shortened and reworked with new objectives.
  • Cadet arrival in Time’s End has been reworked with 2 new adventures, custom objectives and new optional activities.
  • Dungeons will now include a much wider variety of encounters and enemies throughout the game and generally provide a much more populated feel
  • Watch out for the new trap floor in the Tomb of the Unknown Pharaoh
  • Loot picked up and dropped by other players now has a different appearance indicating it was dropped by someone else and not a mob
  • Players not in your party will no longer trigger sound effects when they are downed
  • Pocket Watch gears will no longer automatically be equipped when picked up
  • Rare, higher-difficulty dungeons (aka Nightmare Dungeons) will now appear occasionally throughout the game
  • Revive shrines are now known as Resurrection Shrines
  • Slow Sphere has been renamed to Inertia Bubble
  • The Hoarder vendroid has been reworked and improved
  • Players can now continue their melee combos after the last move by triggering an attack at the right moment at the end of a final light combo attack


  • Backstab damage now scales with Shadow Charges
  • Damage multipliers on later melee combo hits have been increased
  • Disengage Ability will now add a high dodge boost buff for the initial part of the ability
  • Enemies with damage auras will no longer spawn early in the game
  • Energy stealer drone will no longer spawn in the early game
  • Face huggers will no longer appear in earlier missions
  • Fixer-summoned turrets will no longer play an animation upon being summoned and will instead commence firing immediately
  • Infiltrate cast animation has been slowed
  • Into the Fray hit reaction immunity windows have been tweaked
  • Mage staff projectile movement speed has been increased somewhat
  • Meditate ability energy regen amounts have been increased
  • Melee combo transitions from Light 2 to Light 3 and Light 3 to Light 4 on the one-handed Fixer hammer have been made a bit easier to trigger
  • Melee combo transitions from Light 2 to Light 3 of the two-handed axe a bit easier to trigger
  • Orbital Strike’s effective radius now scales with upgrade level
  • Render damage has been adjusted to scale with the upgrade level as intended
  • Smite no longer stacks, and removes a percentage rather than a fixed amount of shielding
  • Summon Decoy will now improve more noticeably with upgrade level
  • The amount of energy regen granted by Wisdom has been increased
  • Vendors in Time’s End will now have more variety in wares
  • Void Dodge spheres have been increased in size somewhat
  • Vorpal Edge has been tweaked to accommodate longer strings of attacks
  • Winter WInds radius now scales with upgrade level


  • New Enemy Variant: Drone Bug Shocker — projects a Shock-based aura that damages
  • T-Rex and Mecha T-Rex have a new Roar ability that damages all players in a forward cone


  • Support for Traditional Chinese has been added
  • Support for Turkish has been added
  • Translations in many other languages have been improved including Spanish and others


  • Cyberpirate boatswain one-handed attack animations have been improved
  • Cyberpirate Quartermaster has a new animation when summoning more foes
  • Cyberpirate sailing master one-handed attack animations have been improved
  • New, sprint attack animations have been added for all weapon types
  • T-Rex, Biceratops, and Mantes now have turn animations to reduce sliding around when rotating in place


  • Sailing master projectile VFX has been improved
  • VFX For Arrow Volley have been improved
  • VFX for Chain Heal has been improved
  • VFX For Enemy cast Fire Prisons have been improved
  • VFX for fixer Turret has been improved
  • VFX For various enemy buffs has been improved


  • Look out for new “Nightmare” portals of existing levels in Time’s End
  • Forest dungeons have had many aspects of their visuals improved
  • The rogue pile of grass inside one of the towers of Water Town has been removed
  • Many collision issues have been fixed throughout the game
  • Forest Dungeons supports the new Nightmare variation
  • A new dungeon with a desert theme. Free-flowing and can generate a fully-fledged underground


  • A new inventory section has been added to store crafting materials separately from the main inventory. The number of material slots available can be upgraded via the passive skill tree
  • A new inventory section has been added to store Pocket Watches that can be switched to. The number of available pocket watch slots can be upgraded via the passive skill tree
  • A new, larger version of the minimap can now be activated in-game (default is the ‘M’ key)
  • Minimap icons now indicate elevations (above, below)
  • Buff shrine icons have been improved
  • Chat is now accessible from the “connecting” and inventory screens
  • Downed players will now appear in the minimap with a different icon to make it more obvious they are down
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Waypoints to advertise a different cost than what was actually charged upon use
  • Inventory panels now display a scroll bar when necessary to make it more apparent they are in fact, scrollable
  • Party chat will now be the default active tab when changing zones
  • Players chatting will now have an icon above their head indicating as much
  • Sharing dropped loot will now be accompanied by some visual feedback indicating what happened
  • Skills on the skill tree now display all future levels and not just the next one so you can more easily see what upgrades will do
  • The visual appearance of Minimap has been improved
  • You can now see slotted weapon gems on offhand weapons as well as equipped/primary weapons


  • Several improvements have been made to improve server performance and allow higher enemy counts within dungeons


  • A new main theme track has been added to the lobby and intro sequences of the game
  • Music system for fading into and out of combat music has been improved
  • New music tracks added for Thundercube
  • New music tracks added to boss fights in desert biomes
  • Projectile impact SFX has been improved across various impact materials (Snow, Sand, etc)
  • SFX for CyberPirate Sailing Master Attacks have been improved
  • SFX for energizer gates have been improved
  • SFX for Into the Fray has been improved
  • SFX for lightning orb has been improved
  • SFX for Lightning traps have been improved
  • SFX for Piercing Cry ability has been improved
  • SFX for Poison Traps have been improved
  • SFX for Public Event portals have been improved
  • SFX for Shrines has been improved
  • SFX for Whirlwind has been improved


  • Fixed many cases of boss encounters not spawning properly
  • Arrow Volley now more reliably hits enemies on slopes and elevated positions
  • Bloodspray Aura fix visual appearance of range will now match the actual effective range
  • Fix players becoming immune to hit reactions in some cases they were not meant to be
  • Fixed abilities for downed players affecting all party members in the radius instead of just party members reviving them
  • Fixed an issue preventing enemies (such as turrets) from being targeted by some abilities when on raised platforms
  • Fixed an issue preventing Resurrection Shrines (formerly known as Revive Shrines) from being visible from a distance
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be stuck in limbo indefinitely when first joining servers
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Pocket Watch gears to apply their stats when not equipped
  • Fixed enemy health bars disappearing after the use of certain healing abilities
  • Fixed Frostball sharing a cooldown with another ability unintentionally
  • Fixed issues with bosses occasionally not spawning in Rotating Rings boss fight
  • Fixed issues with emote stations cutting off animations in some situations
  • Fixed issues with Orbital Strike duration changing when it was not intended to
  • Fixed mutated fauna quests sometimes adding biosamples in places that could not be reached by players
  • Fixed pocket watches with very long names overflowing parts of the UI
  • Fixed some emote sound effects not stopping when the emote itself is stopped in some cases
  • No loot of any kind will drop from mobs killed by environmental damage sources
  • Shade Grenade VFX now properly reflects the effective radius of the ability
  • Summon portals will no longer disappear if a player attempts to use one that is blocked



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