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Early Access Passes: How to Redeem

Watch the Early Access Launch Trailer

We are excited to announce the launch of Early Access for Silver Pass holders, redemption starts May 10th, 2022. With Early Access around the corner, we want to walk you through how to redeem your Early Access Pass.

🚨 Are you a gold or silver pass owner? Join our private VIP onboarding experience.


Can I share my Gold & Silver Pass or account?

It is not recommended to share your login information.

Is the game login separate from the marketplace account login?

Your marketplace login is the same as your game login. If your marketplace account has redeemed an Early Access pass, your username and login can be used for the game launcher.

How do I play the game once my pass is already redeemed?

Once your Early Access pass has been redeemed, open the Big Time launcher, enter your marketplace username, and log in for game access.

Can someone sell my NFTs when using my account?

Yes, however, 2FA is enabled for all marketplace sales for security purposes. Someone would need access to your phone to confirm any sales. It is not recommended to share your login information with anyone.

Will there be any support for Early Access players?

Keep an eye out in our Discord for our upcoming dedicated Early Access Pass channel.

Are there any permissions features that allow for the rental or sharing of in-game items?

There have been many questions about “guild functionality,” including rental and sharing of in-game items. There will be no special permissions, sharing, or rental features for Early Access. Features that allow players to share NFTs will be announced later.

What are the benefits of Early Access Passes?

Check out our infographic below for more information on what’s included with our Early Access Pass tiers. 👇

Redemption Instructions:

Early Access Pass Redemption Walkthrough

Step 1: If you purchased a pass on OpenSea or Binance, confirm the pass is located in your wallet of choice.
Step 1a:
If you purchased on our Marketplace, please proceed with the remaining steps.
Step 1b: If you purchased on Binance, confirm the pass has been withdrawn to your wallet of choice.
Step 1c: If you purchased on OpenSea, click on your profile in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Once on your profile page, the address of your wallet is located below your profile photo.

Step 1c: OpenSea: Locate Wallet

Step 2: Go to our website to redeem your Early Access VIP Pass

Step 3: You must be logged in. Once logged in, you will be able to redeem your VIP pass from the drop-down menu under your profile in the upper right-hand corner of the Marketplace.

Step 3: Redeem Early Access VIP Pass

Step 4: Select where you purchased your Early Access Pass: Big Time Marketplace, OpenSea, or Binance.

Step 4: Select Pass Location

Step 4a: If you purchased an Early Access Pass from OpenSea or Binance, use WalletConnect or Metamask to connect your wallet containing your Early Access Pass NFT.

Step 4a: Connect Wallet if the pass was purchased from OpenSea or Binance

Step 4b: After clicking on your wallet of choice, accept the connection request in your wallet.

Step 4b: Accept connection request (OpenSea & Binance shown above)

Step 4c: Once your wallet is connected, the “Signature Required” page will load. Click the orange button to send a signature request to your selected wallet. Open your wallet to view the signature request, and click “sign.”
Remember, you can only link your wallet with ONE Big Time account.

Step 4c: Send signature request

Step 4d: Once your wallet has been connected and verified, your passes will show.

Step 5: Select your pass for redemption from your wallet or Marketplace account. You can only redeem your pass once your early access period has arrived. Your Early Access Pass NFT will be burned once redeemed.

Step 5: Select Pass for redemption

Step 6: Wait for your Early Access Pass to process redemption.

Step 6: Wait for pass redemption

Step 6a: Passes purchased on the Marketplace are redeemed almost instantly
Step 6b: Binance and OpenSea NFTs need to verify all network confirmations to complete the redemption process
Step 6c: Your Early Access Pass NFT is burned after redemption

Step 7: Once your NFT has been burned and redeemed, click the download button to install the Big Time Launcher.

Step 7: Click the download button

Step 8: Congratulations! You are ready to play Big Time. Download the Big Time launcher to get started. Remember to use your same Marketplace account to sign in to the Big Time launcher.

🚨 Are you a gold or silver pass owner? Join our private VIP pass onboarding.


  • 🚨 You can only redeem one pass per account
  • Once your wallet has been verified and connected to your account, it cannot be unlinked. If your NFT is in another wallet than the one linked, you will need to transfer it to the linked wallet.
  • Redeeming an Early Access Pass BURNS the NFT and grants your account early access
  • 🚨 If your redemption is still pending, do not try to redeem a second pass, as it may accidentally burn a second pass.
  • No redemption of passes before the respective redemption date
  • If you purchased from OpenSea or Binance, the redemption is processed by the Polygon and BSC networks and may take a few minutes
  • Big Time is currently only available for PC
  • Minimum Recommended Specs: GeForce GTX 1060 or better / Radeon Rx 580 or better / 8GB RAM DirectX 11 or above Intel core i5 4430/ AMD FX 6300 / 10GB available drive space
  • 🚨Security Risk: It is not recommended to share login information
  • Remember, you can only link your wallet with ONE Big Time account.

We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you in Big Time!



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